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Need Advice: Which External HDrive or Raid should I buy for new MBP 15 w Tbar, 1Tb SSD & Thunderbolt 3?
Need Advice: Which External HDrive or Raid should I buy for new MBP 15 w Tbar, 1Tb SSD & Thunderbolt 3?
by Richie Cantrell on Jul 12, 2017 at 3:12:00 pm

I have MBP 15 w TBar, 1TB SSD & thunderbolt 3. I installed FCPX. I want to buy an external drive (or raid) solution. Need Advice on what to buy. Plan to keep ALL my files the external drive. Plan to keep my internal SSD clean. Want to use an external drive when using FCPx to edit. Can't afford external SSD bc I need space. I ASSUMED I need to get THUNDERBOLT 3 hard-drive (or raid) bc THUNDERBOLT 3 is faster (than t2, or usb, etc)? However, Ive been told it doesn't matter if a drive thunderbolt 3 or not bc reg usb can go just as fast as my internal ssd & any external drives would be anyway. ....If buying a thunderbolt 3 external drive DOES make a difference, I DO want to spend the money. If I does not make a difference, why should I spend the extra money?

My needs & Budget: ...I need space & I want FCPx to work smoothly w the external drive. My "plan" is to keep my MBP internal SSD clean. Id plan to set up FCPx so that I "leave files in place" on the external drive (note: FCPx software is installed ON MBP internal SSD of course). Id be saving projects/accessing all my videos on external drive when working in FCPx. Id like at least 10tb -16tb of space but would like to spend less than $1000. Room to grow in space would be nice if possible. Id also like some type of redundancy (i.e.: backup).

I CONSIDERED a 10TB G-Drive thunderboldt3 ..or.. a 16TB G-Raid thunderbolt3 (set to RAID 0: for speed). Then, just getting a WD usb3 easystore (like a Best Buy) to use as back up drive? I ASSUME G-Raid (at RAID 0) would be faster when using FCPx than the Gdrive w single drive. Im not sure it thats true or not. I ASSUMED Thunderbolt3 drives would be faster in transfer speeds. HOWEVER, I have been advised buy a "salesperson" that I would not see any benefit w Thunderbolt 3 drives. The salesperson even suggested a external raid (which is NOT thunderbolt 3). He said it would be the same speed for me as the g-raid drive that IS thunderbolt 3? I don't understand how it would be same speed. I even considered a DROBO D53 but the startup cost seems sort of high (bc of the space I want) & I don't know about the SPEED of the Drobo (no idea what drives come preinstalled on DroboD53 or which drives to buy if I install myself)? I was also even told by someone else to just buy a cheap Best Buy external 8tb 5500rpm WD easystore drive, edit everything on internal SSD, then move files to the WD drive & delete files off the internal ssd when done. Im scared id leave residual crap on my MacBook if I went that route.


What should I buy to fully take advantage of thunderbolt 3 (if this is possible) have space, speed and redundancy? Note: I don't mind backing up to another drive if needed.



OWC / Other World Computing Mercury Elite Pro Dual 10TB 2-Bay USB 3.0 RAID Array (2 x 5TB)




WD EASYSTORE (for either back up or as the main hard drive):