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Multicam Sync Audio Question
Multicam Sync Audio Question
by Don Cobble on Mar 26, 2017 at 11:50:27 pm

I have multicam edited 5 cameras all with the ambient sound.
They are all on the timeline edited, but now I want to sync the digital audio the whole project.
I can do it manually by zooming and lining up the waves, but is there an automatic way? I watch Ripple Training on syncing audio, but what he did with external audio and the clip I tried with external audio and the PROJECT but it does not work.
Thank U

Re: Multicam Sync Audio Question
by Jeff Kirkland on Mar 30, 2017 at 9:27:39 pm

You could create a new angle in the multicam editor and add the audio there. Then manually sync it up. Then switch audio on all the angles to your new audio only angle. Not sure if you can select them globally and change the audio angle on them all at once.

Ideally you'd have done this at the start and just cut the video angle only and locked audio to the good track but I guess you didn't have the final audio track when you started the edit?

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