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Synced (dual system) clips - can't set audio channels and roles
Synced (dual system) clips - can't set audio channels and roles
by Jiri Fiala on Mar 6, 2017 at 6:39:16 pm

Something changed from 10.3 onwards. I'm now unable to set roles or audio channels to clips synced with Pluraleyes 4.

They import as Synced clips (with the little chain link icon)

Before, I was able to simply select these in Browser OR in timeline and set audio channel configuration (stereo or dual mono) there. Now that's impossible. I'm also unable to set Audio Roles to these clips.

The only way to set the audio channels and roles is to manually open each clip (Open Clip), select the connected audio and set these things there, but that's completely impractical as there are hundreds of clips.

EDIT: this has nothing to do with Pluraleyes. Even when synced within FCPX, same thing. On two computers. Resetting FCPX prefs didn't help.

I'd be grateful for any tips or workarounds as this is my main workflow and FCPX 10.3 with it's super cumbersome new audio pipeline makes it untenable. Thanks!