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Compressor has stopped asking "burn another disk?"
Compressor has stopped asking "burn another disk?"
by Jonny Cates on Jan 17, 2017 at 12:51:02 am

After completing a DVD burn in Compressor, the program always ask if I want to burn another disc. Now it has stopped asking.


I have (1) completed DVD, but I need to burn several more copies. I normally just pop in another disc and start burning another one. Why would it stop now? Does something need to be re-set?


Jonny Cates

Re: Compressor has stopped asking "burn another disk?"
by Roger Poole on Jan 19, 2017 at 2:07:45 am

This may or may not be of help, but I do the final burn in Toast rather than Compressor because the assets are temp file which are deleted after the burn. In Compressor I set the job action to "Do nothing" instead of "Burn DVD" (or Blu Ray) That way the encoded assets will be stored alongside the original media, wherever it's stored. Then you can burn as many copies as you like and even have the option to archive the assets. Then perhaps, if asked for more copies at a later date it's a breeze to do.