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FCPx thoughts...
FCPx thoughts...
by Sean Davison on Jul 7, 2011 at 4:56:33 pm

I've had a chance to have a play and there are loads of things that need sorting out with this software but here's a thought....

Is it just possible that Apple are putting FCP out there as a basic core piece of software to allow developers to write plug in's for - we're already being told EDL/XML/OMF will be handled by 3rd parties - Yes the grading interface in FCPX is amateur rubbish - but it is better than the old colour corrector and what about the Baselight plug in that's coming (Hopefully soon) - supports control surfaces too...then you have Magic Bullet Looks from red giant...all too expensive for the prosumer but in the ball park for a facility.

I'm going to sit tight with FCP 7 for a year.- I have a small corporate job I'll use FCP X for. Ill keep updating it and see what third parties come up with...I have a feeling in a years time we may be looking at an incredibly powerful online tool with background rendering - Titling to die for (Via Motion) Some amazing grading options and the whole lot will hopefully cost around the same as an FCS License.

Yes FCPX Sucks in its current state but just maybe this may be the beginning of something truly ground breaking. FCP 7 STILL WORKS FINE!!!

Oh Apple please sort out the Audio tracks - they're really useless and no plugin is going to allow discreet audio out and track assignments...

Keep Calm and Carry on chaps... things can only get better

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Re: FCPx thoughts...
by Andrew Richards on Jul 7, 2011 at 5:19:49 pm

I agree with all of this, and I have attempted to argue as much previously. I got flamed to no end. I wish you good luck in this thread.


Re: FCPx thoughts...
by Nigel Thompson on Jul 7, 2011 at 5:53:54 pm

You are not alone Andrew......
I think people are just panicing way too much.....

I had hoped apple would unify the apps and make it into a super beast much akin to smoke ....
AN App that FCP/Color/STP would have been a monster in 64bit and core video or whatever the heck they are using for realtime and of course motion would be the tie in for motion GFX..

but alas FCPX happened... but who knows with all the plugings it may turn out just how i expected. so im willing to wait and see

my current suite works fine no need to go spend more money

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Re: FCPx thoughts...
by Walter Soyka on Jul 7, 2011 at 6:09:42 pm

[Nigel Thompson] "I think people are just panicing way too much....."

I see the reaction less as panic than as outrage. Many, many long-time FCP users feel betrayed.

Emotions are certainly running high, and aside from the argument about whether Apple is professional-focused or not, there are at least two decidedly non-emotional FCPX facts fueling this reaction:

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Re: FCPx thoughts...
by Chris Harlan on Jul 7, 2011 at 11:36:38 pm

That's pretty much it, Walter. I see little or no panic. For me, it is just frustration over an unnecessary pain in the behind.

Re: FCPx thoughts...
by Tangier Clarke on Jul 7, 2011 at 7:14:27 pm

I make my living as an editor and on FCS. Sure, I am disappointed, but really like FCP X and have seen tremendous benefits in my workflow and for my job's near-term projects. I don't think that Apple is abandoning the pro. In fact, I have a problem with that term as I think it's a subjective and inconsistent in use. Perhaps Apple is reimagining what that pro (which includes prosumer) editorial space is and making the change now as it projects it's software and hardware goals in the coming years.

As for people jumping ship - it's going to happen without a doubt - always does and always will as people don't want to accept change and the methods/motives behind it sometime. I believe Apple will make up for people it loses in grand number and FCPX will be a trojan horse app in the long run in the way the iphone and iPad have been. It's been said that the big companies and studios and such will be the only home for pros (in paraphrase) , but as with iphones and iPads, when the vast numbers of people using FCPX and subsequent iterations, it's vast array of third party hooks, and the hardware that people will certainly want, I think it will be the businesses that will have to cave in to the populous to a certain (not necessarily total) extent. We're seeing that now. The iPhone and iPad has infiltrated business and IT departments where people thought it never would or could because they've become excellent personal devices and business devices. Not necessarily the best, but the preferred. FCP 1-7 had the same affect actually.

Believe me, FCPX did not meet my expectations, but in many ways it exceeded them and gave me a new way to perceive how I leverage information in my editorial workflow. Aside from learning new key commands, this version of FCP is akin to how I felt about Motion when it first came out - I could just work and not have the software in my face so much. I could play and experiment more and focus more on the creativity.

My FCP 7 still works. My Multibridge Pro 2 still works. I am not jumping ship just yet. I am admittedly hopeful and yet still wary of what my or may not come. Though with the power of computers these days, the sophistication of even simple AV and imaging tools, and general accessibility of communication tools and of course the internet, it's increasingly hard for studios to compete with a competent person or persons with their own gear and Apple knows this. Studios of many sizes have already downsized and closed for this very reason.

I like to think that's there's "pros" in many spaces of content creation. As technology levels the playing field even further and will continue to do so, FCP X on it's own doesn't need to be everything, but it Should be accessible to all these spaces via third party hooks. Think of it like iphone/iPad apps. Who would have thought that having mega applications on our desktops that do so much would be trickle down to having simple apps that just do specific things we need done and do it well.

Part of what I love about this industry is that it's constantly changing. That's what makes it fun. That what keeps me learning. Don't get me wrong, I've been looking at that Pr icon in my production suite with an itchy finger, but just out of curiosity to see what other's are talking about. I am having more fun learning FCPX cause it's new and shiny and stuff!

Perhaps we can think of this release like the release of the Wii. Nintendo decidedly realized and enacted on the fact that they didn't have to make the most powerful system. Frankly there wasn't enough market penetration of HD televisions to warrant the expense of a heftier system. They decided to rethink how gameplay happens; the human interaction and experience. Low and behold, Wii sales trumped PS3 and XBOX 360 combined for a while and yet it was a technically inferior system. It didn't have to do everything, be the most powerful, play movies, or be loved by hardcore gamers to qualify it as a competitive system. Nintendo brought people to gaming who never played and never thought they would. Nintendo shocked the world and many nay-sayers with their inferior-system-that-could and just like FCPX, people screamed bloody murder about how Nintendo screwed up big time and they screamed very prematurely.

This is perhaps one way to perceive Apple's FCPX and if you really think about it, it is what happened with Final Cut Pro prior to X. FCPX represents a new (or modified) paradigm in editorial and it's relationship to digital acquisition, organization, and delivery. It is a NOW application that is unfinished with it's sites on the future. The old stuff will be rolled in later or brought to you by a third party near you.

Apple (in my opinion) did not abandon the pro. I can't make that assertion yet and I am actively using FCPX by the way. Rather, Apple built an application that can be applied to many differing "pro" spaces that's more accessible, prepared for the future, and of course to sell it's hardware - not to mention that there's so many overt implications of FCP X being primed for touch interactivity (whether this manifests or not).

I'm not happy about a few things that just really make FCPX an inconvenience and I don't agree with the way the it was rolled out with the door closed to FCS 3, but so far I am really enjoying it and significantly more productive with it. Though I don't deliver on tape much anymore so I recognize how this is a problem for many.



Re: FCPx thoughts...
by Nigel Thompson on Jul 7, 2011 at 7:36:55 pm

could not agree with you more Tangier

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Re: FCPx thoughts...
by Greg Burke on Jul 7, 2011 at 9:35:47 pm

Change is your wife coming home with a new haircut.

Apples change is your wife coming home as a man.

Just don't call it final cut pro and the people will move on. I kind of have to, my main client base was independent and family videos and now thanks to apple reinventing what no one asked for, my client base is going to die out. I'm going to have to make some life changing decisions because of Fcp x. It may not effect some more than others, but it effects me greatly.

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Re: FCPx thoughts...
by Sean Davison on Jul 7, 2011 at 10:20:43 pm

I agree with everything here - FCP X is rubbish but the point is it has the potential to be brilliant is Apple sort out a couple of the obvious interface screw ups. As a powerful piece of core software that we can use as a platform for the amazing plugins (has anyone looked at what baselight is proposing? With 64bit - background rendering it blows buggy color clean out of the water and I'm a big color fan)

Media management plugins are in the pipeline and both Blackmagic and AJA supply free log and Capture / Edit to tape software that's better than the old FCP 7 ones (they really needed an upgrade lets face it)

Just sort out the audio track/magnetic timeline debacle...please

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Re: FCPx thoughts...
by Buddy Couch on Jul 7, 2011 at 11:09:16 pm

Very well said!

Although I went Adobe for the time being, I will keep an eye on what Apple does with FCP X.

Buddy Couch

Re: FCPx thoughts...
by Tangier Clarke on Jul 7, 2011 at 11:17:07 pm

Premier looks pretty nice actually. Though FCS 3 Still works for me, but I'll keep playing with Premiere Pro. I am having much more fun in FCP X though despite the bumps.

Interesting - other apps look old after working in FCP X. They're all tools in the end. The more of them you know the better off you'll be. If FCP X really will leverage Python at some point which was exposed by another person on these forums, I'd love to see how I can incorporate FCP X with a Blender workflow. I'm not a 3D artist, but I can do a few things which add to my edits; just enough not to warrant the expense of Maya (and the like) for myself which would be pointless.


Re: FCPx thoughts...
by James Mortner on Jul 8, 2011 at 1:35:55 pm

[Tangier Clarke] "Interesting - other apps look old after working in FCP X."

I had that thought plugging away in FCP 7, like "oh yeah, rendering. Ho Hum"

Feels old-school, like the InSync speed razor i used to shuffle about on.