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Import Options
Import Options
by Sascha Engel on Jul 25, 2013 at 1:07:29 pm

Hi Guys,

I know I am too much present here right now, but give me 4-5 more days, then I should be fine without Qmarks floating over my head.
This one concerns the import options in the import window:

1. What does analyse for balanced color exactly do?

2. What is Find people doing and the sub options: Consolidate Find People results and the Creat smart collections after analysis?

3. What is happening under the hood when having analyse and fix audio problems is selected?

4. When I have separate Mono and Group Stereo Clips checked, will I get 2 Mono Channels imported instead of a connected Stereo? If not, how can I tell X to import all Audio as Mono Channels?

Thanx a lot!!!


Sascha Engel
TIME BANDITZ Productions

Re: Import Options
by Ronny Courtens on Jul 25, 2013 at 3:31:21 pm

Hi Sascha,

I usually don't let FCPX analyze anything while importing. This takes extra time, and you can still do any analyzing on a clip by clip basis or on a group of clips anyway once you have imported the clips.

For your first questions, this might help:

Auto balancing is what it says: it's an automated feature that may (but not always) produce a proper color balanced shot. The analysis is non-destructive: you can always deselect it in the Inspector while you are editing (Video tab > Color: Balance). I rarely use this.

Analyze and fix audio problems:

You can always analyze and fix audio problems when you hear problems with imported clips. Again no real need to do this while importing. Select the clip in the Event Browser (or on the Timeline) and go to Inspector > Audio tab > Audio Enhancements. Click the little right arrow to reveal the Audio Enhancements window.

When you have stereo audio that you want to configure as dual mono channels you do this after importing: select all the stereo clips In the Event Browser (or on the Timeline) and in the Inspector > Audio tab > Channel Configuration change Stereo to Dual Mono.

Remove silent channels is one of the useful things you can do while importing. Although you can easily deselect silent tracks on the timeline or in the Events Browser as well.

Re: Import Options
by Sascha Engel on Jul 25, 2013 at 4:30:06 pm

Chrystal clear answer. Thanx a lot.
No, surely I'm not gonna use it then, since I don't like auto settings in general. I though already, that I'm not gonna use anything besides erasing mute channels.

Sascha Engel
TIME BANDITZ Productions