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Transition Preferences missing?
Transition Preferences missing?
by Esther Casas on Apr 5, 2013 at 12:04:01 am

Hello everyone!
I am new in Final Cut X...not loving it...but some jobs are asking me to use here I am.

I am not understanding why when I move clips that have transitions, i lose the transitions on the way...meaning that i change the position of my clip but my transitions are staying, they don't move!! wtf!!??

so, doing research somebody suggested trying to change transition settings in the preferences window, the problem is that when I go to preferences, the only thing I have showing in transitions is the time, but is bot giving me the option to apply transitions "using available media" etc..

did anyone had this issue??? where can I find this option then? is this the reason why my clips are "losing" the transitions when I try to move them around?


Re: Transition Preferences missing?
by Bret Williams on Apr 5, 2013 at 1:50:06 am

Ok, which is it? The transitions are losing, moving, or staying? If two clips have a transition, and you move one to somewhere else, do you want the transition to move with the clip, stay with the other, or disappear?

Re: Transition Preferences missing?
by Bill Davis on Apr 5, 2013 at 8:05:49 pm


Essentially, the stock transitions and effects in X are just Motion code. So when you apply them to the intersection of two clips, they describe the transition, but they don't really become part of either clip.

So when you grab a clip and move it, the transition stays where is is unless you ALSO grab the transition.

The fastest way to so this is the traditional "drag a selection box around both" process that's been an Apple standard forever. When both the clip and the transition highlight, then they get moved together. IF you select either the transition OR the clip, that's all that is moved, copies, etc.

Not sure what you specifically mean by transition preferences. The code for any transition can have either fixed or user changeable capabilities depending on how the designer in Motion set up the effect. This is why some Transitions let you set rate, or color, or some other aspect of the effect - while others are just "use it or not."

You'll have to describe what you're trying to do a bit more if you want specific help.

Hope this helps.

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