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Multi-cam in PPro7
Multi-cam in PPro7
by Aindreas Gallagher on Apr 4, 2013 at 5:19:02 pm

not to overdo the PPro posts - but this is a good vid on the new multi-cam

its a pretty serious overhaul, audio sync, collapse the nest for xml output - a whole pile of stuff. looks pretty good to me - although I'm no authority on the niceties of multi-cam like say Herb. - What you reckon Herb?

also the audio sync capabilities can be used outside of multi-cam for SLR external source audio syncing. promo producer/editor.grading/motion graphics

Re: Multi-cam in PPro7
by Herb Sevush on Apr 4, 2013 at 6:37:52 pm

[Aindreas Gallagher] "although I'm no authority on the niceties of multi-cam like say Herb. - What you reckon Herb?"

Like almost every multicam demo I've ever seen it tells me almost nothing I need to know. It doesn't demonstrate how to cut audio from different sources only video, the old "music video" style demo, which gives me about half the info I need to evaluate the multicam feature.

The one thing it did demonstrate is "flattening" the multiclip to original sources, which is an essential feature, however in this version of PPro it seems as if it is strictly one time only, you can't unflatten once it's flattened, which is a most unfortunate limitation and one that Legacy did away with years ago. It's like they copied the flattening of layers in Photoshop, which is totally the wrong way to go.

The demo states that in complicated situations you might have to use PluralEyes - hell if I have to use PluralEyes why do I need the audio sync feature. A lot of these demo's spend most of their time demonstrating how to set-up the multiclip instead of how to use them, which is unfortunate because setting them up isn't really that hard.

It is also unclear if PPro has the ability to sync up camera stops and starts on a single angle without creating multiple multiclips - a very useful feature but from what I can see PPro can't do it.

Still they are improving rapidly and I can't really evaluate till I play with it, or at least talk to someone knowledgeable who has.

On the other hand I am very impressed with many of the other features, the Scriptsync, the loudness meter, the integration with Speedcolor, the auto-rotoscoping in AE - it seems like Adobe is coming up with really new tools to help the editor while X is still trying to figure out the infrastructure of their new paradigm and Avid is twiddling their thumbs.

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Re: Multi-cam in PPro7
by Aindreas Gallagher on Apr 4, 2013 at 6:51:27 pm

[Herb Sevush] " the auto-rotoscoping in AE"

I'll be curious to try that one out - that's a big ask. promo producer/editor.grading/motion graphics