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associated press (london at any rate) plumps for Adobe premiere
associated press (london at any rate) plumps for Adobe premiere
by Aindreas Gallagher on May 31, 2012 at 9:53:38 pm

not to go veering Premiere again like but -

this as told by a little birdie, a birdie I might add, weighed down by a tome (which I in no way read) regarding procedures and use of the software.

sadly we were in a pub, I was tiddled, and I didn't think to ask useful things like whether they were say implementing prelude for producer logging, I haven't even a clue what the mix of existing software at AP is, but nevertheless - this is substantive and is being implemented, as in - not like say the nebulous premiere seats at the beeb that have been spoken of - this amounts to formally pulling the trigger in a pretty big way. promo producer/editor.grading/motion graphics

Re: associated press (london at any rate) plumps for Adobe premiere
by Greg Andonian on Jun 1, 2012 at 5:18:08 am

That sounds really cool! But, I feel obligated to point out that at this point, from my point of view, this AP stuff is far more nebulous than the BBC story- I mean, I saw an Adobe press release about that one... but right now this thing is just something someone heard in a bar, when he was tiddled. ;)

I was curious, did you get your CS6 yet? I remember you saying you were going to upgrade to 5.5 then get the free upgrade to 6. You seemed really jazzed about it before and I was curious what you thought of it after actually editing with it...

"THAT'S our fail-safe point. Up until here, we still have enough track to stop the locomotive before it plunges into the ravine... But after this windmill it's the future or bust."

Re: associated press (london at any rate) plumps for Adobe premiere
by Aindreas Gallagher on Jun 1, 2012 at 12:14:33 pm

**sigh** try getting a license transferred by adobe - really, try it.

I've got the upgrade to 5.5, and the freebie follow on to 6, please the gods, the seller manages to get the right stuff up eventually on the 5.0 sale, they've got my ID, his ID, i've got the invoice, he's put up the license transfer thing... it feels like dealing with the vatican. I actually expect the next round of correspondence to be conducted in latin.

I've got a bajillion, adobe vids bookmarked, so someday if god is good, I will actually get to download my baby.

That aside a bunch of us got a senior online avid editor to spend a day with us going over avid workflow - its rather different - media management and whatnot, also where resolution and file settings and stuff are is raaaather different.

the timeline is actually pretty cool tho. One thing I found rather neat was that swapping audio channels up and down the stack actually takes the channel content along? that was neato. magic menu makes it applicable to an FCP guy. Its mostly the settings and media management you need to be careful of.
Also the effects architecture is a little insane.

And AP thing really is not at all nebulous - its happening. promo producer/editor.grading/motion graphics