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DLT capture to FCP
DLT capture to FCP
by Chris Etheredge on Jun 17, 2013 at 11:45:26 pm

Hello, I'm fairly new to understanding DLT tapes and recently been asked to complete a job for a client involving such. The client needs for me to pull whats off of the DLT tapes and get them into a format that's highest archiving quality for them. I'm very familiar with LTO tapes as I use them all of the time but not sure how these differ. To complete the job I am looking at purchasing a dlt deck to capture the tapes and any other card that I will need to connect the machine to my computer for transfer/capture. What are the connections on these tape machines? I currently have a new mac book pro retina, aja ioxt, Old school Aja Io that can connect via firewire and capture analog signals, and a magma express box 3t for extra lci card additions. Can someone please help? I'm very familiar with the workflows of today's standards just thinking DLT is a bit old and may be a little confusing. Thanks!

Re: DLT capture to FCP
by Kevin Francis on Jun 18, 2013 at 8:10:44 am

DLT is old technology! Your going to need a SCSI connection most likely. We used to use a SCSI to firewire adapter most recently when we had to restore from DLT. But the most important question will be the software originally used to archive the data. You'll need that, too.

Re: DLT capture to FCP
by Tom Goldberg on Jun 26, 2013 at 9:50:07 pm

Just to underscore Kevin's answer, DLT was a sole-sourced tape technology acquired by Quantum with a capacity of 40GB/tape. Quantum further developed it under the SDLT name (sometimes also referred to as DLT) up 2007 with uncompressed capacities to 400GB. At the time LTO was at generation 4 with 300GB capacity.

Around that time, Quantum dropped development on their proprietary SDLT solutions as it became obvious that LTO was going to be the accepted standard, being supported by 3 manufacturers, Quantum, IBM, and HP. Physically the tapes are very similar but with LTO-6 now at 2.5TB uncompressed capacity and a roadmap to over 12TB/tape, it has become the only man standing for most tape-based archiving applications in our industry.

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