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What will be the best archiving/backup solution?
What will be the best archiving/backup solution?
by Jaanus Henno on Oct 14, 2012 at 6:44:28 am


I'm quite new in this regard and I hope you can help me.

This is my situation. I'm doing video editing/archiving and need a good backup solution plus a networked one for other people to access the final materials.

Right now I have around 3 tb of materials needed to be backed up and made available to the public. My understanding is that I should get a NAS device, put into there 2x4 tb drives for Raid 1 and have some extra room for growth. And better to have 4 bay unit for future development. It should support Sata III and USB 3.0 for good data rates.

I was thinking of getting a cloud service, but uploading 3 tb takes months and is not practical. If I get a NAS, then I can make my data available right in my home, am I right?

Am I going the right way?

I use a simple system for editing, have my raw materials on one drive, rendering to another one.

If Nas is the way to go, could it be possible to use it's raid for rendering also? As I understand it can improve rendering speed, but I have no experience on that.

I'm working on windows platform.

Please let me know what should I do and what's the way to go. Thank you!

Re: What will be the best archiving/backup solution?
by Tim Jones on Oct 31, 2012 at 11:30:41 pm

A RAID-base NAS would definitely be a good option for expanding your storage and giving yourself a boost in both edit and render performance, but that will limit you to the speed of your machine's networking.

If your budget allows, I would recommend an Areca or Highpoint RAID card in your Windows box with a Sans Digital 6GB 4 or 8 drive SATA/SAS chassis. You can then add hard drives to your required capacity point (up to 24TB in the 8 drive array), and gain both capacity and performance that these RAID configurations offer.

If you'd rather not "do it yourself", many vendors participating here on Creative Cow offer disk array solutions that would be pretty much plug and play with your Windows editing environment and offer capacity and performance to take you to the next level in your efforts.

Tim Jones
CTO - TOLIS Group, Inc.
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Re: What will be the best archiving/backup solution?
by Jaanus Henno on Nov 1, 2012 at 10:40:47 am

Thank you Tim, this was helpful.

I'm planning to build a new system anyway, now I have some guidelines to consider. I checked that Highpoint Raid cards have good reviews and a very affordable price, that's just what I need. Thanks!