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F65 Offload software not seeing my hard drive?
F65 Offload software not seeing my hard drive?
by Maryann Keith on Oct 4, 2012 at 9:16:15 pm

I am trying to offload my Sony F65 data to a hard drive using the interface offload software that comes from Sony, but it won't recognize any of my hard drives. I am communicating no problem with the SR-PC4 unit and I see the footage ok, but no drive. I have tried selecting different drive types through the software options (software gives you multiple selections, should be DEV) I have also tried different drives: 6 TB Graid, 6 TB Caldigit (both formatted MAC OS Extended) and a 2T Caldigit (formatted journaled Extended). Does anyone know if there are hard drive limitations involved with offloading F65 data, (like does the drive have to be less than 6 TB or formatted a certain way in order for the interface to recognize it?) I couldn't find anything in the manual that says there is. Any help would be appreciated!