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Are external hard drives safe from static electricity?
Are external hard drives safe from static electricity?
by Juan Juig on Feb 22, 2020 at 10:16:22 pm

I have around 10 external hard drives, some 2.5 inch and some 3.5 inch. They are all protected with plastic enclosure (I bought them like that).

When I transport and store them, I use hdd cases like this one (I own several of this one specifically):

Since the inside of the cases is made out of some sort of fabric material, I assume when you put the hdd inside it and rub it a bit, some static electricity is present.

I have never had any problems whatsoever, but I am wondering, whether transporting and storing your external hdd in these type of cases is completely safe?

And the main question: does the plastic enclosure that the hdd comes in completely protect the hdd from this sort of static electricity (generated by a bit of rubbing to the fabric material) or should I be worried and take some extra precautions?