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Seeking Drobo/Backup/SuperDuper advice
Seeking Drobo/Backup/SuperDuper advice
by Eduardo Araujo on Feb 19, 2015 at 10:11:55 pm

Hi All,

We are currently expanding our small video department at my company and I want to start looking more seriously at a means of properly setting up a back-up and archive system. I am fairly new to this so am looking for some advice.

Right now what i am thinking of doing is hooking up an NAS Drobo to our network here and using it as a sort of make shift server (we will actually be moving offices shortly where we will have a much more complete server setup) I chose to hook it up over the network because we have another office hooked up to that network and it would be convenient for them to be able to look at this Drobo drive, but not necessarily need to write to it. All of the footage that we shoot would get put onto that drobo with the intention of keeping only what I have currently in edit on a smaller working drive connceted directly to the computer with thunderbolt.

My concern is that i also want to constantly back up the Drobo constantly. I am wondering if anyone knows if it would be possible to use SuperDuper to constantly back up the drobo onto smaller 2tb WD drives. The WD drive would of course be hooked up to my computer, with the drobo hooked up over the Network. My other concern is that because the drobo is 20tb and the WDs are only 2tb, what happens when the first 2tb drive is full? Can i then attach another 2tb western digital as a backup drive in a way that the SuperDuper picks up backing up where it left off on the first WD and not just the same 2tb of information as the preview WD?

Pardon my ignorance on this but as i said, i am fairly new to this. Thank you in advance for your help. Any and all suggestions and advice are welcome. Thank you.


Re: Seeking Drobo/Backup/SuperDuper advice
by Eduardo Araujo on Feb 23, 2015 at 8:33:36 pm

Any ideas from anyone? Thanks.

Re: Seeking Drobo/Backup/SuperDuper advice
by Simon Blackledge on Mar 3, 2015 at 3:46:38 pm

How is Super Duper going to know whats on the 1st Disk when doing the 2nd?

The short answer is no. You need proper backup software and LTO Tape drive.

Do incremental backups to Tape daily.

Why goto disk ?

Why not buy 2 drobos and use ChronoSync to SYNC them every hour ?

There are loads of options.

but 1st make sure you can get enough speed to edit off the Drobo!