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Burn DVD with Canon 5D footage
Burn DVD with Canon 5D footage
by Pieter De Saeger on May 18, 2011 at 8:40:39 pm


A week ago I shot with the Canon 5D MkII a short movie. I imported all the files (.MOV) in my Final Cut Pro. I edited the whole movie and now I'm searching for the best way to put the movie on DVD.

What I'm trying for the moment:
Export a Quicktime not-selfcontaining movie from FCP.
Import that file in Compressor.
Setup the wizard with "DVD: Best Quality 90 minutes"-preset.
Setup Job Action -> burn DVD.

Will that give me the best solution?
Are there better solutions to burn on DVD?

And what will be the best solution to just have a movie-file for my computer?
I exported the movie once to ProRess 422 (HQ) and that delivered me a movie-file of 11GB!!