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How to get the film look????
How to get the film look????
by Matt Boyd on Jan 17, 2016 at 7:50:48 pm

So I have a Canon EOS Rebel SL1,
So I have watched videos that i really enjoy the mood of because of how the colors in the film look. And i think that is because of color correction and other things in post production. I dont really know how to do any of that but i would love to learn how.
The type of videos I like to shoot are car videos, so say a car drifting and rolling shots of cars.
Also ive been told in videos that 24fps is the best fps to shoot in because it creates natural motion, but when im shooting in 30 or even 60 it looks like there is no motion blur, so if anyone can help me out with figuring out all the right settings on the camera, and all the right things to do with post production.
I use adobe premier pro CC as an editing software and I am very new with that software and not sure how to navigate with everything and all that.
Thank you for reading.
Here are some links to videos that i enjoyed. if you can tell what kind of color correction they used, and settings.
For this link its only the part with the car and the music in the backround, 15 sec to 35 sec
Especially the last one i love, just the colors and how it looks very cinematic, i want to learn how to make film like these