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Setting up on-line
Setting up on-line
by Craig Alan on Nov 25, 2014 at 4:21:49 am

Starting a video photo business and need some suggestions. Vimeo looks to be the go to site for videos. But we are doing Stills as well. Smug mug seems popular among photo pros. Any site does both well? We need private password protected folders for clients as a feature.

I like the features on Vimeo but I don't see still photos there.

We also need a domain name. Any leads and insight welcome.

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Re: Setting up on-line
by Francisco Lamarosa on Nov 26, 2014 at 9:51:10 am

Do you mean incorporating the videos of those websites on your own site or just use those websites to present to the client? If you mean incorporating video, check what they both offer in terms of embedding options, such as responsive layout, controls, if the player has a logo (some clients might not like to see i.e a youtube logo on the corner).
If you wanna set up your website, through wordpress there are a couple plugins that might be useful, check "Advanced Responsive Video Embedder". As far as the images go, I can't really think of a service right now but maybe a cloud service like dropbox might work.

Hope it helps,
Francisco Lamarosa

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