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Crashed Recording, Corrupted Files
Crashed Recording, Corrupted Files
by alec gitelman on Mar 16, 2011 at 9:50:18 pm


I'm a new Canon 7D user. Shot video with it for a few times before this happened.

The other day I was recording a concert and more than once in the middle of recording the camera stopped dead and told me that it couldn't read the card, to reformat media or re-insert card.

So... I came back with a bunch of unreadable MOV files. Some clips were ok, but a whole block of 6 files (most of the concert) is corrupted.

Beyond the issue of recovering that footage (either expensive service or trying to rewrite file structure, both major pain), why can this be happening? I'm trying to reconstruct the problem - pressing buttons, opening card hinge in the middle of recording - everything works fine. I thought restarting recording too fast was an issue - doesn't seem to be.

I need to know what to beware of before going out on another shoot with this camera.

Does anyone have a clue?