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Adding Time of Day time code & transcoding T3i footage for FCP7?
Adding Time of Day time code & transcoding T3i footage for FCP7?
by Nick Ravich on Nov 28, 2012 at 12:27:12 am


Running FCP7 on Mac OS 10.6, older duo quad core Intel Mac Pro. Shooting lotta Canon EOS footage, esp T3i, for big documentary project.

Have posted similar stuff to this in past but wanted to ask again cuz I'm getting really frustrated. Looking for simple/one stop app to both add Time of Day time code and transcode (to APR422 LT) T3i files. Ultimate goal is of course to bring files into FCP7 project that 1) don't need to be rendered, ie match the APR422 1080 30p project settings, and 2) preserve time of day code. Reason why I'm harping on time of day is bec/ a lot of the footage is interview and needs to be transcribed, with time code marks. Adding continuous TC is obviously dangerous with HDSLR double system audio workflow - continuous TC won't allow me to note any TC for sometimes significant and valuable master audio that's recorded bet/ video clips. And harping on T3i bec/ that's the camera we own.

Have used Grinder. It's a bit slower, but more importantly can't generate ToD code from T3i files; it can only do continuous (can only generate ToD from .THM files.)

Have also tried QtChange. But for some reason FCP7 isn't accepting the APR422 transcoded files it creates. Keeps giving me "File Error - File Unknow" prompts when i try to import. Have been in touch with Bouke at Videoshed about it and he's suggesting a workaround but the HDSLR post workflow is already so over-elaborate as it is (transcoding, syncing, masterclipping) that I don't want to add another layer.

Also, have tried the old EOS plug in plist hack that allows Log & Transfer tool to read T2i/T3i files and can't get that to work.

Anybody have the magic fix I'm looking for?

Thanks, Nick.

Re: Adding Time of Day time code & transcoding T3i footage for FCP7?
by Jacob Lanum on Nov 28, 2012 at 4:01:47 pm

Try 5D to RGB. I know it works with embedded THM files with my 60d, should be the same for the T3i