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lav, shotgun and hypercardioid options
lav, shotgun and hypercardioid options
by Tim Dowse on Jun 20, 2012 at 6:11:51 pm

Hi y'all,

Let's say I'm shooting a scene with a wide shot where I can't get a boom close enough to the talent. Use a lav right? Then in the close shots, use a boom (shotgun outdoors, hyper indoors).

Question is, what lav can I get that will sound as close as possible to a boom mic so that little or no EQ is needed in post? Is this possible? Or is there no way around the EQ issue?

Let's say for arguments sake my starting mic is a Schoeps cmc641, and I want to build my kit around that mic?



Re: lav, shotgun and hypercardioid options
by David C Jones on Jun 20, 2012 at 6:21:28 pm

IMHO, you want the Sanken cos11. Someone on here, years ago, did an extensive lav mic comparison and (if I remember right) concluded that the Sanken cos11 sounds the most like a boom mic and will match one.

It's what I use and I would concur based on the lavs I have used. Just make sure you don't place it to close. Remember, you want it to sound like a boom, not a lav; put it about middle of the chest area.

Dave J