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MPEG2-DVD Adding 20 Seconds of Blank Footage
MPEG2-DVD Adding 20 Seconds of Blank Footage
by Edward Gilman on Jul 25, 2017 at 3:15:52 pm


I am creating a MPEG2-DVD from Adobe Premier CC 2017 which is the only format that plays on our DVD Player (Samsung DVD-1080p9) on a USB Drive.
For some reason, the MPEG2-DVD adds an additional 20 seconds to the end of some of my videos. Some of them export correctly without adding the additional blank white space at end.
Does anyone know who to export without the additional blank space at end?

The only other formats that will play on Samsung DVD-1080p9 DVD Player is AVI and WMV which I can't export from Premier CC.

Computer: Mac Pro (mid 2012) running MacOS Sierra (10.12.4)
Adobe Premier Pro CC: 2017.1.2 v11.0, Oasis
File Format for Export: MPEG2-DVD
Length of Videos: Anywhere from 2 minutes to 5 minutes.

Note: I tried exporting as other MPEG formats and they are not recognized on USB drive / DVD player.