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Multicam setup reality TV workflow
Multicam setup reality TV workflow
by Ryan Dundas on Mar 28, 2017 at 10:56:52 pm

Hey I am an AE at a small production company that does mostly reality TV. We have been using Final Cut 6 & 7 since I started there about 5 years ago. We were about to switch to Avid for our upcoming project, but the editors convinced the boss to go with Adobe Premiere Pro CC last minute.

I have experience setting up multicam edits in Final Cut and Avid, so I figured I could teach myself the process for Premiere rather quickly because everybody says how easy it is. We start shooting next week and I am having some trouble figuring out the best way to set up the multicam sequences for our production.

We are creating 3 episodes for Food network. Each episode documents a different food festival / cook off. We have 3 main cameras covering the event (Sony F55 with Atomos shogun blades recording in ProRes 422) along with a few gopros and a Sony A7s on a ronin picking up b-roll. We also have 2 788t audio recorders that will be picking up wireless lavs that we will have on about 10 different people. The 788ts and the F55s will be jam synced to help keep everything in sync in post.

I have been teaching myself how to create multicam sequences in Premiere for the last few days. but I can't find anything about how to do it with the amount of media that I will be working with. Most of the tutorials I find they are using a single clip from 2 cameras along with an audio file. I am going to have a ton of files to work with. Each of the cameras and audio recorders will be stopping and starting throughout the day. I would like to make one multicam sequence of the entire day.

After a bunch of tutorial videos and searching, I have been testing a method that seems to work but I am having some issues. I started by organizing my footage into bins for each camera. I tried selecting all of my clips and making a multicam source sequence, but it wouldn't set it up right with audio or timecode as the sync option. I was able to make a multicam source sequence for each individual camera by selecting all the clips and choosing create multicam source sequence, and choosing timecode to sync, then checking the box for Create single multicam source sequence. Then I combined them into one sequence with each camera on a different track using copy and paste. Then I had to drop in my audio manually at the correct timecode in the sequence, because it did not let me create a multicam source sequence with just the .wav audio files.

So this created a Master sequence for all of my footage from the day laid out by timecode, and on separate tracks for each source. This is exactly like the sync map I would create when multiclipping in final cut, or grouping in Avid. Next I right click on the sequence and choose new sequence from clip. This creates a new sequence with 1 video track and 8 audio tracks. When I turn on multi-cam view, the cameras are synced up and I am able to multi-cam edit, but my audio tracks are not right.

For some reason there are 8 audio tracks on the sequence, but my multi-cam source sequence had 11. There should be one stereo track from each camera, and 8 mono tracks from my external audio. And I am only getting levels on track 1. The 7 other tracks are blank, I don't hear anything when I solo them. Does anybody know what happened to my audio tracks?

I remember while doing research, I came across somebody saying not to put your external audio in the multicam source sequence, and to only multicam the cameras then place that source sequence in a new sequence with the audio clips synced below. That might work but my editors need to be able to match frame into a clip on the story cut, then drop a clip from the match frame into the sequence with the audio already synced.

So if anybody has any tips they could give me about how they multi-cam a bunch of clips from several sources where audio is recorded separate, specifically for reality TV style workflow that would be amazing!

Re: Multicam setup reality TV workflow
by James Barry on Mar 29, 2017 at 3:56:42 pm

Have you tried sync'ing all of your media with third party software such as Pluraleyes? Because that's where I would start.

Ingest each of your cameras into labeled folders (Cam A, Cam B, GoPro_01, GoPro_03, Audio_02, Audio_04, etc)

Drag each folder into Pluraleyes and it should list each one by their folder name.

After you get all of your footage and audio sources sync'd in Pluraleyes, export an XML for premiere. I generally uncheck the option for moving un-sync'd footage to the end of the sequence.

Once you have that XML, drag and drop it into the project window. I generally drag it into a Bin I have labeled for Media. It should import a Sync'd Sequence and all your footage bin'd in folders labeled according to your ingest workflow above.

In your Sync'd Sequence you'll see all the footage and audio stacked on top of one another. This is generally he point where I "remove" (delete) the audio garbage in camera audio that I don't plan on using for my final mix down.

Now this next step is up to you and your work flow as an AE. I know I generally ask my AE to bucket all of my footage to make my workflow easier. If that's what you usually do, now is the time to do so. Select the footage and audio from the section of the Sequence you want to bucket and separate and right click. Select NEST. And label the bucket accordingly (Beauty Shots, Interview, Tasting, Intro, etc).

Once you have all of your Nests (buckets) you can make a new sequence for your edit draft. In that sequence you can drag each nest into your sequence. Right click on the Nest and select Multi-Camera > Enable

Now you should be able to double click on the nest and it should bring up your camera options in the Program window. Select which source you want by click on the Camera in the Program window.

You can deal with the audio in one of two ways. You can either mix down the entirety of the audio in each Nest, or you can copy the audio streams from each nest and paste/replace the nest audio in your edit sequence. This way you can see the multiple audio sources instead of one compressed nest audio source.

To get "into" a nest from your edit, hold CMD and double click the nest. This will open it up so you can see all the parts, alternatively you can double click the Nest in your Project window.

Re: Multicam setup reality TV workflow
by Herb Sevush on Mar 29, 2017 at 4:57:24 pm

[Ryan Dundas] "We have 3 main cameras covering the event (Sony F55 with Atomos shogun blades recording in ProRes 422) along with a few gopros and a Sony A7s on a ronin picking up b-roll. We also have 2 788t audio recorders that will be picking up wireless lavs that we will have on about 10 different people. The 788ts and the F55s will be jam synced to help keep everything in sync in post."

When creating your own timeline and then turning it into a multi-camera source in Ppro the audio layout is very limited, which is why I never use that feature. You can do everything you want by selecting all your sources and then right clicking and choosing the "create multicam source" feature. There are many choices and many steps to go thru in the dialogue and having 2 separate audio recorders makes this a lot harder, but that would be the way to do what you want.

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