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PP saying footage is proxy when it isn't
PP saying footage is proxy when it isn't
by Rich Birket on Sep 27, 2016 at 8:38:37 am

Hi. I am using PP CC 2015.4 to create a short 4 minute film. There are quite a number of clips in the film from a couple of different cameras.

When I try to export the sequence, PP comes up with a warning:-
"Offline material is present in this export and has online proxies attached...."

I did have a mess around with proxies at some earlier stage in the project, but it all went a bit pear-shaped so I ended up manually replacing the clips with the original versions to try and clear things up. It seems to play fine in the sequence.

BUT, when I right-click on some of the clips in the sequence and select 'properties', PP tells me the clip is offline:-
"Offline: Importer Can't Open". The file path to the clips in this same dialogue is pointing to a proxy version that I created at a lower resolution. The thing is that the clip isn't the proxy - when I right-click on the same clip and choose 'Reveal in project', the full-res original clip is highlighted.

It seems that Premiere has become confused.

Any ideas? Hopefully the attached screengrab will help explain.

Kind Regards,