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Will stability disrupt our workflow?
Will stability disrupt our workflow?
by Ariella Furman on Jan 25, 2016 at 6:48:35 pm

Hello! I am part of a wedding video company researching editing systems. We do upwards of 200-300 weddings a year. We are currently using FCP 7 but looking to upgrade to achieve background media transcoding while editing. Right now we have to transcode everything, which is a major time problem.

I enjoy the interface of Premiere a lot and can see us working within it. However, I have heard it can be unstable. Crashing, simple tools no longer working, overly long export times, and general workflow disruptions that involve time troubleshooting. I've heard it all.

Since we pay editors by the project (not hourly), and since we are working on sometimes 3-4 projects in a single day on multiple machines with time limits and spitting out edits left and right, wanted to hear people's thoughts about the possible instabilities of the program and whether it can support the intensity of time constraints and quantity of edits. Can it support a potential powerhorse without crashing?

Our ceremony edit is 1 hour long. Our reception edit is 1 hour long. We finish approx. 3 ceremony and reception edits in 1 day.

We are running iMacs (1.4 GHZ intel core i5 processor) with Yosemite and 8 gigs ram (but am willing to update the ram).

Re: Will stability disrupt our workflow?
by Vince Becquiot on Jan 25, 2016 at 7:03:21 pm

Hi Ariella,

I find that almost all crashes are due to third party plugins. I would also recommend a minimum of 16 Gigs of RAM if you will use After Effects.

Also, unless you have a CUDA cards installed, you might not get the maximum potential on these machines for rendering and realtime preview.

Vince Becquiot

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Re: Will stability disrupt our workflow?
by Chris Borjis on Jan 25, 2016 at 7:34:38 pm


Once you switch to premiere you'll wish you had much sooner.

In my experience transcoding footage is seldom if ever needed
any more. I have not had to in years.

Re: Will stability disrupt our workflow?
by Jon Doughtie on Jan 26, 2016 at 2:10:26 pm

I agree with the above posts.

Like any editing application, Premiere Pro wants an environment in which it is designed to work well.

More RAM is definitely a good idea. Setting up storage and cache file locations makes a big difference. It is better for neither of these items to ever be on the boot/application drive. I suggest you may wish to consider SSD's for boot/application drives. If you have not used them, they make a heck of a difference.

In most cases, you simply place the footage on the timeline and edit without transcoding. That happens when you render your final deliverable.

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Re: Will stability disrupt our workflow?
by Ariella Furman on Jan 27, 2016 at 7:01:46 am

thank you all! This is very helpful. Will do whatever I can to update my system :)

Re: Will stability disrupt our workflow?
by Alan Fisher on Feb 18, 2016 at 5:35:00 pm

I'll offer a different point of view: We switched to Premiere CC 2015 from FCP7 for our current TV season, and have found Premiere to be comparatively unstable and unreliable. It will certainly save the time you once spent transcoding, but in our experience, projects now load slowly, crash frequently, and basic functions sometimes work and sometimes don't. This instability is consistent among multiple users and across all our Macs, including those completely free of plug-ins. Our slowest computers are late 2013 iMacs with 16 gigs of RAM and our Mac Pro has similar problems..... So we're still looking for Final Cut 8 :(