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Fixing Export Difference in Premiere Pro
Fixing Export Difference in Premiere Pro
by Casey Berner on Jun 9, 2020 at 11:32:49 pm

We are getting what I consider dramatic differences in exports in Premiere Pro between the Program Monitor and the output. The outputs yes are compressed (H.264) but the significant drop in saturation is of concern. We can't relay on our program monitor anymore if the exports are so different. I have my own theories but I'd like to hear from the community first.

Mac Pro 2019
580X GPU
Footage is BlackMagic MOV exported to MP4 (H.264)
Hardware Encoding has been toggled on and off (two bottom images one on, one off)
Exported via Premiere (not media encoder)

Re: Fixing Export Difference in Premiere Pro
by Andy Ford on Jun 10, 2020 at 12:36:33 pm

Yes, it's a common issue that Adobe qualifies as being due to the fact that Premiere is set for broadcast gamma standards. Basically, higher contrast Gamma 2.4. I believe most web browsers, and perhaps even FCPX and QuickTime, playback video at Gamma 1.96, which is less contrasty.

I was referred to this free LUT you can download. After you do all your color grading in Premiere, apply this LUT as your last step. You will see this will alter your image, but after you export, you should get a result close to what you had before applying this LUT.

Download this LUT:

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