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Crashes when creating video preview
Crashes when creating video preview
by Peter Jenkins on Aug 6, 2019 at 9:47:35 am

Hello all. I’ve had a problem with Premiere CC 2018 (AE and audition too) crashing whenever the software tries to create a video preview window. Funnily enough it doesn’t crash when working with audio files, only video. It started suddenly one morning after no notable changes occurred on the computer. Crashes include - hovering the mouse over a video thumbnail, creating a sequence, dragging a clip in to the source window - anything that causes an adobe product to playback a clip (except for media encoder for some reason). I’ve tried all the usual steps - clear the cache, reset preferences, etc. I’ve even went as far as to uninstall all adobe products, use the adobe cleaner tool and reinstall the programs to a different SSD. Still crashes at the same predictable moments without fail. I’m a step away from reinstalling windows, however it is a hassle and I have one work in progress project I’d loathe to have to start over... any ideas? Is it more to do with video player software? Like a QuickTime problem? Thanks!

Re: Crashes when creating video preview
by Chris Wright on Aug 6, 2019 at 4:06:57 pm

isolate the variables first. try a new project with jpegs, TIFF, PNG, then quicktime, then check crash logs, update video driver, check read/write permissions(adobe has a page on this). try .wave, then mp3, then variable h.264 (ran through handbrake first.)