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Tips With Sony A7iii In Premiere
Tips With Sony A7iii In Premiere
by Dan Lalonde on Jun 16, 2019 at 9:46:21 am

Hi I recently got a Sony A7iii and have a few questions on maximizing it in premiere.

1. To have best settings do I just need to drop the clip in timeline and select match clip to sequence?

2. Does it matter if I'm using other camera formats and put it to 1080 setting and put my 4K on it then later export a 4K version? Do I have to click a match to scale or is it automatic goes back to 4K?

3. Is there a way of bringing raw clips in besides just bringing in the CLIP FOLDER and grabbing it from there? Do I need to keep XML files?

Re: Tips With Sony A7iii In Premiere
by Jon Doughtie on Jun 18, 2019 at 9:35:27 pm

I usually create my timeline based on what I want the final deliverable to be. If multiple deliverables, I start with the highest resolution and work from there.

If I have a deliverable that is say, 1080 and I have 4K footage, I set the timeline for 1080, drop in my 4K footage and "Set to Frame Size" (NOT "Scale to Frame Size".)

I always transfer a full copy of the media with all folder structures. It is the first step in the backup process. I keep XML files for the same reasons.

If you are mixing resolutions and frame rates, and make multiple deliverables, expect to do some work on the different timeline versions.

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