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TCG~Burnt in Timecode ERRATIC, JUMPS
TCG~Burnt in Timecode ERRATIC, JUMPS
by shyamolie kate on Apr 6, 2019 at 5:33:32 am

I have been assisting on a feature film that is being edited in Adobe Premiere Pro 2018(updated to 2019). The edit has been locked and reels were handed over to various departments(sound, bgm, vfx, etc), in the form of prores 422 LT exports. These reference exports were to go out with burnt in timecode, with which I have been facing unknown issues.
Both methods of generating a timecode- Transparent video with timecode as an effect as well as the timecode overlay (in the export settings) are giving a common error.

The timecode tends to jump/skip frames, sometimes seconds, back and forth. Thus making it an inaccurate reference for effective communication in further post processes. For instance, 01:12:05:12 is followed by 01:12:44:32, 01:12:44:33,....01:12:44:50 AND then it tends to skip back to 01:12:06:14, 01:12:06:15 and so on. It appears to arbitrarily skip back and forth.
In some cases, it does so at shots which have had speed changes, via speed/duration modifications, but it is not true to all the jumps.

Could someone please help me with figuring out what the problem could be and a solution to it?

Edit workflow:
We have been editing with transcoded Apple Prores 422 LT proxies, the footage was shot mostly on an ARRI.
The reference video exports are also in the prores 422 LT format.
The video itself is accurate and does not skip frames or seconds.
The issue is only with the TCG.