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Rotoscoping Deletes Work?!?
Rotoscoping Deletes Work?!?
by Jim Lino on Sep 18, 2018 at 4:41:54 pm

Hi there,

I'm missing something here when masking out this little scene in my video... need your help!

I have a guy opening the back doors to a truck.... and I want this overlay behind him showing the payload capacity specs for the truck.

But after going through all of the trouble, frame by frame, to meticulously mask the overlay so that it seems behind the guy... when I scroll back to preview my work, the program distorts the mask on each frame, erasing all my work.

So I thought I wasn't making the keyframes, but the keyframes are there for each frame.... it doesn't let me NOT make a keyframe.

So why do the masks keep changing?

Ironically, the first half of the clip was changed/erased... but when I scroll back over the latter half of the clip, Premiere has "accepted" these masks and isn't erasing them. See this photo:

How am I doing it wrong? thank you!