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NXCAM workflow on Adobe Premiere CS6 on a Mac?
NXCAM workflow on Adobe Premiere CS6 on a Mac?
by Bernhard Walzl on May 22, 2014 at 9:56:25 pm

Hello !

I am about to receive soon a NX3 and I would like to ask for the best workflow with footage off this camera, editing with Premiere Pro CS6 running on a mac.

Unfortunately the official workflow from Sony is based on Windows so I hope someone has gained some experience with NXCAM on a mac.

I did a bit of research already but a few concerns are still not entirely cleared:

I was wondering if I can edit directly the original media (the MTS files)? Does Premiere join spanned clips automatically when importing? There are a few quirky $20 tools out there which promise to join, transcode, to Prores, etc. Are you using them? Would you suggest transcoding to Prores first, if so, how?

Many questions up there and I hope someone can help me to figure out the best workflow.

My Mac by the way isn't the most powerfull machine, it is a Mac mini late 2012, but is running smooth when editing Prores media.


Re: NXCAM workflow on Adobe Premiere CS6 on a Mac?
by Ian Cook on May 22, 2014 at 10:25:34 pm

The 'official' workflow is not Windows-centric although the free utility we provide (which you do not need for import into Premiere, FCP, Avid or Vegas) is Windows-only...

With CS6 you can import using Premiere's built-in Media Browser. Spanned clips (long recordings made of multiple consecutive 2 GB files) are supported and will be joined on import.

You should not have any issues or surprises but feel free to contact our support office at 800 883 6817 or post any Qs you have here.

Cheers and enjoy..

Re: NXCAM workflow on Adobe Premiere CS6 on a Mac?
by Bernhard Walzl on Jul 3, 2014 at 12:25:21 am

Hi Ian, and the rest of the creativecow world!

So I have a project to complete which was shot on several days and with different cameras. In between the shooting days I transferred the footage on my hard drive and reformatted the card. There are about 5 hours of footage in total, 90% of it is in AVCHD from a Sony NX3.

When transfering the footage, I always copied the entire PRIVATE folder from the card, and when importing the footage I used Adobes Media browser.

So, when I was about to edit the footage, on the bottom right of Adobe Premiere is says Conforming [media.mts] and a progessbar, which takes ages to load.

Into what format is Premiere converting my MTS files?

I can't start editing until all files are conformed, since the audio track (which is recorded seperately) is not yet conformed and doesn't display the wave form. Is there somehow a way to set a priority of the transcoding?

I dislike Premiere transcoding my files into something I don't know and how it is transcoding. Wouldn't it be better to transcode to Prores myself where I can set options?

Thanks for your advice,