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Drive recommendation - thunderbolt vs Usb3
Drive recommendation - thunderbolt vs Usb3
by Mabel Valdiviezo on Jan 29, 2016 at 9:09:36 pm

I am shopping for a new drive - USB3 or thunderbolt and in 6TB configuration.
Already have several single drives (thunderbolt,usb3,esata, firewire 800) which I am using for my documentary project and this one will be the last.
Any thoughts on which one to go for?
Is there a real advantage at using a thunderbolt drive vs a USB3 since the drives are spinning still at 7200 RPM/64 MB cache, even with drive configurations like the Lacie 2 Big Thunderbolt or the GRaid Studio?
What would best for speed vs best for affordability as well?
I understand that the manufacturer of the drive bay is less important than the drives themselves.
And I have had a Lacie drive fail on me as well as a Gdrive making some weird noise (I have backed up all footage).

Thank you for any good tips.

Mabel Valdiviezo

Re: Drive recommendation - thunderbolt vs Usb3
by Neil Sadwelkar on Jan 30, 2016 at 4:49:49 am

On a single drive, or even a 2-drive RAID0, USB3 or Thunderbolt doesn't make a difference in speed. It's only from 4-drive RAIDs and more, that the USB3 vs Thunderbolt vs eSATA difference becomes apparent.

Having a second backup is more important. Like LTO-6 tape, or a second drive at least.

Neil Sadwelkar
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