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Log Notes
by Mark Raudonis on Dec 16, 2009 at 5:47:06 am

Just downloaded the trial version and I'm testing it out. Very impressed! Many very cool features. There's one aspect that I can't quite get my head around, so perhaps someone more familiar with the program could help me.

I see that when using the verbatim logging tool, and you make a time code entry, it attaches the words to that tc marker. But how do I retain essentially a text transcript in one box while watching the video in another box?

It seems to work that way when logging, but when you enter TC locators, it seems to "attach" that text to the TC. That's a very cool feature, but if possible, I'd want it both ways: attached to the clip as it plays AND, a text box that you could scan before playing the clip.

I'd appreciate any feedback for more experienced users. Thanks.

Mark Raudonis

Re: Log Notes
by Rolf Howarth on Dec 16, 2009 at 10:15:42 am

Different people like to log their video in different ways, so there's are lots of ways of describing clips and associating text with timecode in CatDV, depending on what you're trying to do:

  • you can have multiline, free format text in the Notes field. If you use the Verbatim Logger and 'save as text' then you can use this to store a transcript against a clip (including timecode stored within the text)

  • you can create subclips and give each one a new name. You can use the verbatim logger for this (using a hot key to insert 'new subclip' markers while the video is playing) or do it by setting in and out points and using the New Subclip command.

  • you can create timecode event markers within a clip. These appear within the movie controller and work like chapter markers, and are also listed in the Event Markers table.

  • You can convert between these forms fairly easily, and also use features such as automatic scene detection or import and export the log notes to your editing app.

    To view the log notes alongside the movie while it's playing, use the Clip Details panel. This is normally docked to the main window but you can also have it as a separate window. Display the movie on the left and choose (or configure) a tab on the right that shows the Notes or Event Markers table as required.


    Re: Log Notes
    by Mark Raudonis on Dec 16, 2009 at 8:52:25 pm

    Thanks Rolf,

    I just bought a full "pro" version. While we already are heavy users of "Pilotware", I like the way that CatDV handles images, and enables a user to quickly navigate a mountain of media. The audio waveform on the bottom of the player is a nice touch!

    There certainly are projects where CATDV will be the right tool for the job.


    Re: Log Notes
    by Mark Raudonis on Dec 17, 2009 at 3:22:28 am

    I'm loving CatDV so far.

    Here's my next question: We've sent our one hour interview out for transcription, and it's come back as a text file with TC numbers as text. I've copied and pasted the entire text file into the "Log NOtes" box, and it's great.Now, I'd like to have the text "scroll" with the video as it playes. Is it possible to somehow sync up the TC references with the text files? In other words, how could I easily enter the TC references (approx one per minute) so that they lock up to the picture?



    Re: Log Notes
    by Kevin Duggan on Dec 17, 2009 at 8:37:14 pm

    Hi Mark
    one thing you can do with Transcriptions is that typically they may come back as a Word Doc. If your transcriber places the timecode in the correct standard format.. ie 10:01:02:00 in PAL land or similar in NTSC if it is placed on a line on its own CatDV can turn this into an event marker in the Verbatim Logger. If you open the Doc in WORD... Select ALL ... then COPY..goto CATDV and start the Verbatim Logger ...then use PASTE SPECIAL.. this will copy your text into the Logger and turn all those timecodes into event markers. Sorry the text does not scroll with the movie but if you turn the markers into events and goto the summary Panel you will find all of your markers listed and a single click will locate to that event int the movie. This list is editable so you can add annotations to the event markers from this panel.

    Hope this helps

    Kevin Duggan


    Re: Log Notes
    by bryson jones on Dec 18, 2009 at 3:28:02 am

    Mark, we here in LA are blessed to have a ton of loggers who are pretty well versed in CatDV's Verbatim Logger. If you ever need folks, I'd be happy to refer a few if you need folks on your next show.

    I've done a few seasons of reality on CatDV and know loggers and lead loggers who are familiar with the interface so there's less training. Though as you see, there's a good bit of customization in every setup.

    We have traditionally not used event markers on the shows I've done, preferring to just use the HTML Summary for word search, but I'd like to try it on the next we do. Keep us posted.




    Re: Log Notes
    by Allan White on Jan 12, 2010 at 6:10:52 pm

    We use Event Markers pretty heavily. I usually block scenes or larger clips out and make subclips (we shoot events, or produce docs). I have the person transcribing the dialogue use the Verbatim logger, then those get converted to markers. I'll go through later and select the markers I want and convert those to subclips, which are then sent to FCP for capture.

    The first time someone sees the word search happen, it's amazing!

    - Allan White, Video Producer, Luis Palau Assoc.

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