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Interpreting 23.98 footage as 24f. Why doesn't TRT change?
Interpreting 23.98 footage as 24f. Why doesn't TRT change?
by Blase Theodore on Jul 26, 2019 at 11:49:33 am

I've outputted a feature from Resolve at 23.976. (from 23.976 footage and audio mix stems.)
I need to covert from 23.98 to 24f for the DCP.

The workflow I was expecting was:
- interpret picture as 24f (total frames stay the same),
- and then retime (shorter) the audio stems in protools.

But when I interpret the picture as 24f in Resolve, the total run time stays the same. (And I get the same behavior in Premiere. ) I should be losing about 4 seconds due to the slightly faster playing speed.

I tested it with a few other pieces of 23.98 media, and I get the same result. What am I missing here?

Thanks for reading!

Re: Interpreting 23.98 footage as 24f. Why doesn't TRT change?
by Brent Marginet on Jul 31, 2019 at 11:34:22 pm

Resolve interprets the TRT incorrectly in the Media pool as far as I'm concerned but maybe they did this for a reason. Below are some examples of what I see with a 3 and a half minute clip.

Example - 24FPS Project, 23.976 Clip of 3:29:11 drop it into a timeline before reinterpreting the frame rate and the last frame will be at 3:29:16. Now delete the clip from the Timeline and change the Frame Rate to 24FPS in the Clip Attributes dialogue box. Now if it's dropped into the Timeline it will come up as 3:29:11. The Audio will also need to be reinterpreted otherwise it will go out of sync. (unless they've fix this). I would really like if Resolve would properly interpret the Audio so that I could eliminate the extra step of an Audio Sample Rate Conversion in Pro Tools.

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