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Problems when conforming in Davinci from an Avid aaf
Problems when conforming in Davinci from an Avid aaf
by Eirik Nicolai Heim on Jun 27, 2019 at 8:20:58 am


I am about to grade a 10 episode 20 minutes tv-series shot on a Red Epic W. I have the same camera myself and been grading it a lot, and also been sending XMLs/aafs between Premiere/FCP to Davinci with no problems before.

I have not been a part of the editing process in Avid Media Composer, and I do not have extensive experience with that NLE. I have asked for the usual, a reference file, a XML/aaf and the raw material. When I try to import the timeline into Davinci there are almost no clips online, and the few are placed in wrong places, except in the end. I have tried both importing all the material into Davinci myself before importing the timeline, and automatically fine the media. I have also tried different stuff in the conform options menu.

It seems like they have used Media Composer to make proxies. I have been looking at the metadata showing up in Davinci and compared the raw files with the mxf proxies. They both have the red filename starting: A008_C001_ but afther those 10 characters the filenames are not the same any longer. Most of the mxf then have the video and audio tracks endings after that. I can see that they do not have the same time code, and guess that that is the main problem with everything. They still have the same: Duration, Frames, FPS.

Any solution? Something I can fix in Davinci? Something I have to do in Media Composer?
It takes way to much time to manually rebuild the timeline and frame match every clip.

Re: Problems when conforming in Davinci from an Avid aaf
by Michael Gissing on Jun 27, 2019 at 9:16:05 am

I did an 8 part series ten months ago with AAFs from AVID. Great care was made to create proxies with matching file names and timecode from the camera originals before editing started. Usually I would get over 90% perfect matching. The odd occasion a relink was out, usually becasue of speed ramps or drones with the a different frame rate. otherwise it works.

Whoever broke the file name matching on the proxies needs to reconform with the r3d files for you so they don't make such a beginner mistake again.

In Davinci you can force conform but it is a shot by shot process as far as I know.

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