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Audio mapping to soundcard interface channels
Audio mapping to soundcard interface channels
by Declan Smith on Jul 3, 2018 at 8:21:20 am

I am having problems with trying to get resolve to monitor more than just a stereo pair. I have an FCA-610 sound interface on a Mac Pro, which has up to 10 output channels. I would like to create a 5.1 monitoring setup to allow me to mix and monitor 5.1 surround sound. In the system setup, I have configured a speaker setup, set the Monitor set format to 5.1 and assigned the channels:

Left - Out1
Right - Out2
Centre - Out 3
LFE - Out4
Left Surround - Out5
Right Surround - Out6

I have 6 mono tracks in the timeline and have used the panner to set the channels. In Lightroom, under control room, I have assigned my monitor set.

I only ever hear the left and right channels. The other channels don't get output. If I render the file to a wav and open it in soundtrack pro, the channels are all there and play through the FCA-610 as expected.

My question is how do I map the Resolve "Out1, Out2, Out3" etc to actual outputs? I have "Use System Audio" which also uses the FCA-610

One other question, How do you get the LFE channel not to bleed into other channels. Currently, LFE also comes out on the Centre channel.

Declan Smith
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Re: Audio mapping to soundcard interface channels
by Joseph Owens on Jul 3, 2018 at 9:10:10 pm

This was touched on last week on the BMD Resolve forum:

Krishna Pada wrote (for Soundblaster)
Here are the steps:

1. In the Resolve preference pane, I had to change to 5.1 channel sound and then assign tracks like this: Audio 1 to Output 1, Audio 2 to Output 2, etc.
3. In the settings page, capture and playback section, I needed to change audio tracks to 6 (2 is the default).
4. While laying the 5.1 tracks which came from the Sound studio, I created six mono tracks and laid them.
5. In the Mixer window in Fairlight, I changed the panning of each track as per it's name. L goes to left upper corner, C at centre point, LS at left lower corner, etc. I was initially confused about LFE placement, then figured out that it has to be kept just opposite the centre track.
6. In the Fairlight tab, I opened Bus Station. Changed the output to 5.1 (it comes stereo by default).

maybe that might help.

jPo, CSI

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Re: Audio mapping to soundcard interface channels
by Declan Smith on Aug 17, 2018 at 9:24:43 pm

Sorry for the delay in acknowledging your reply. I've scoured everywhere and got similar steps, which are all valid and helpful, but didn't resolve my issue (no pun intended!).

I have however, overcome the problem. My soundcard was connected over firewire. This is not well supported. As soon as I switched it over to USB, all the channels are available and selectable. Davinci Resolve only really works with USB connected sound cards.

I now have a humdinger of an audio setup which allows me to do tonnes of stuff, like send reference sound to talent for ADR whilst I listen to them recording etc etc, and of course, the 5.1 setup works. Still couldn't work out how to have just the LFE channel with no bleading into other channels, but found one solution which is to option click the pre button in the panner until it says only (couldn't find this in the manual!). Didn't even know you could bring up a 3D panner by option clicking the panner in the mixer!

Declan Smith
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