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overlap items
overlap items
by courtney Birk on Aug 2, 2017 at 10:52:13 pm


(I just recently purchased 12.5 studio and then updated to the 14 studio beta that is now out.)
So I have had this problem for a little bit now and haven't found a way to fix it (I HAVE NEVER HAD THIS PROBLEM IN THE LITE VERSION WITH THE SAME EXACT KIND OF EDITS). I have the most basic edit in FCPX. Just a regular string out, no transitions, fades, etc. Then I have reaction shots thrown overtop. You export the xml, bring it into davinci, color it, render it out, done. Well for whatever reason as soon as I purchased the studio version and brought this xml in it decided to say that clips were overlapping and the clips would be trimmed to keep that from happening. My question is why. How can I fix it? It happens right as the xml comes in so I can't choose to adjust it in the edit window etc. It automatically trims them. How can I keep DaVinci from automatically trimming the files? Because when i render them out and bring them into Final Cut it wont let me replace it because it says there isn't enough media to fill the slot (since DaVinci trimmed it)

Re: overlap items
by Joseph Owens on Aug 3, 2017 at 7:42:30 pm

This might be a Betabug in the XML the way a "timeline" is interpreted between the two applications. There is a hierarchical difference, because Resolve still has layers the way FCPX does not.

One of the dangers of moving into beta software before it has been positioned as a Release...

jPo, CSI

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Re: overlap items
by Peter Chamberlain on Aug 4, 2017 at 2:00:09 am

Can you try a three clip timeline in FCPX and make a new XML? If you see the same issue post a link to the XML?

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