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Feat. Req. - Storybord in edit page
Feat. Req. - Storybord in edit page
by Richard van Harderwijk on Mar 13, 2017 at 7:03:50 pm

Hi Blackmagic people,

Txs for all your great stuff, it is improving and expanding in a breathtaking pace and a joy to work with.

Feature request for the next Resolve version:

A Storyboard functionality in the edit-page

What does it do?
When assembling an edit I want to easily reshuffle blocks/clips. This is of course possible in the timeline, but a kind of storyboard mode gives a better view on the building blocks as opposed to the time view of the time line. Compare the lightbox view in the color-page.

How does it (possibly) look like?
It is in the edit page, press a button and: the right two-thirds of the screen become the storyboard (it looks similar to the lightbox from the color page); the left one-third (adjustable) is the media pool (from the edit page).

What kind of functionality should it have, how to work with it?
In the storyboard (the right part of the screen), you can swap/shuffle edit the clips. You can also ripple-delete them and copy/paste-insert. You can also scrub the clips. From the media pool (left part) you can insert clips (even set an in- and outpoint in the media pool). No detailled trimming in the storyboard.

The way I work is to check the timeline visually in the lightbox. Then you can see the sequence of the clips better and think: ‘oh this makes no sense, it has to go the other way round’. But now I have to go back to the timeline and shuffle there. And you cannot scrub the clips in the lightbox currently.

So the idea is to make the rough cut by using both the storyboard and the timeline. Trimming and other details are to be done in the timeline (but they show up in the storyboard).

What does it take Blackmagic to build this functionality?
That is up to you of course, but you almost have all the buildingblocks. Media pool: check. Swap edit/ripple-delete/insert/copy paste-insert: check. Scrubbing clips: check. Storyboard: almost, see the lightbox.

And some thinking on how it works when there are multiple video-tracks. Show them all? Or choose with a drop down? And there is a drop-down list to choose a timeline. Etc.

So, how about it? Like it?

Re: Feat. Req. - Storybord in edit page
by Noah Kadner on Mar 14, 2017 at 10:15:36 pm

Interesting idea but I would imagine such a mode would quickly wreak major havoc with moderate to complex timelines due to their precise placement of multiple tracks and all the desired interrelations. Undoing would be quite the headache.

FCPX sort of does something like this already in terms of being able to swap around sections with relative ease but it requires a timeline clustered around a single master track vs. the multitrack timeline in Resolve and most other NLEs.


FCPWORKS - Workflow

Re: Feat. Req. - Storybord in edit page
by Ricardo Marty on Mar 15, 2017 at 3:07:09 pm

I had an nle that did a great job with a storyboard editing interface. Building a timeline changing it was never that easy not only could i cut so fast i could could create different views almosst instantly. Applying effects and titles was so fast.
Of course this was not applicable to all types of content but it was even helpfull even when multi layers was used. Specialy great for non sequential projects but very usefull for others. That nle also had stoarge bin where you could save clips photos titles parameters and more and then simply paste on each clip.

The only nle that has something similar but not equal is cyberlink, it has the storyboard interface and all its advantages but only limited to to building and altering the timeline.

The storyboads is a great interface but sadly misundertood as an amature tool. To tryout a pro storyboard interface just download the cyberlink trial.

Ricardo Marty

p.s I think avid had something similar up to v4 called the hamburger view

Re: Feat. Req. - Storybord in edit page
by Joseph Owens on Mar 15, 2017 at 6:41:59 pm

[Ricardo Marty] "the hamburger view"

Not really, but a couple of years ago, while at a late dinner post-SuperMeet, I suggested that FCPX had not gone far enough eliminating layers, but they should completely do away with the timeline.

Frankly, the timeline just invites infinite revision, without any real thought or judiciousness in placing an edit. If, in John Huston fashion, you rewound the movie and watched it end-to-end to be able to evaluate a change, we would not have this never-ending never-get-to-the-end so-called process.

If the Media Browser was the storyboard, I proposed, and you just kept re-arranging the hanging film clips and trimmed them accordingly, while the whole movie was available in a Viewer, we would be back to KEM/Steenbeck flatbed editing the way all the deities in heaven intended it to be.

Think about it.

jPo, CSI

"I always pass on free advice -- its never of any use to me" Oscar Wilde.

Re: Feat. Req. - Storybord in edit page
by Ricardo Marty on Mar 15, 2017 at 10:49:50 pm

A timeline would still be usefull basicaly as another way to view tha story. If you click on the picon in the storyboard it automaticall iluminates the clip in the timeline and vsvs. How ever its not for every project because the more clips the smaller the picon so you either use it for smaller projects or get a bf monitor.

That The storyboard saves a lot of time in building, changing and rearranging the timeline.

I was briefly introduced to the steinbeck at college and decided that i would never use it. but yes it has some relations

Lightworks has some of the funcionality of a storyboard interface.

Hope resolve includes this it would be great for some of my projects.

Re: Feat. Req. - Storybord in edit page
by Ricardo Marty on Jun 12, 2019 at 2:52:11 pm

Well Maybe. But I think from experience that having the option to quickly see variations is a very important tool. I'm sure some may get stuck unable to decide but such is life.

I think flame has SB capabilities.

R Marty

Re: Feat. Req. - Storybord in edit page
by Ricardo Marty on Jun 12, 2019 at 2:45:54 pm

Put this in the DR17 feature request on the BMD forum. Now with the new cut page, an interface like this is much easier to implement. I have requested this for a long Time.

R Marty

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