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Waveform in the source viewer not visible
Waveform in the source viewer not visible
by Frank Weiser on Mar 9, 2017 at 11:05:13 am

Hello everyone,

I just started using Davinci Resolve and ran into a problem: I can't view the waveform of the timeline video in the source viewer. I thought this was possible and that I could display this initially, but maybe I'm mistaken because I can't find any settings that would change this.

Anyway, to go into more detail:

  • If I use the timeline video (called by default 'Timeline 1'), I cannot see the waveform when I select "Show Zoomed/Full Clip Audio Waveform" or when I choose to display "Audio Track" - where the waveform should be, it's simply empty.

  • The waveform appears in the timeline itself, though (it is enabled under timeline view options)

  • With any other video from the media pool, there are no problems viewing the waveform.

  • However, once I drag a video into the timeline and then want to view this (unedited) timeline video in the source viewer, the waveform doesn't appear anymore.

  • Pictures to illustrate what I mean.

    The version is and I'm using Windows 10 64-bit.

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