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Resolve not reading footage AR properly
Resolve not reading footage AR properly
by Tyler Joynt on Mar 18, 2014 at 6:51:20 pm

I've never really quite gotten a great workflow between Premiere and Resolve anyway, but had sorta gotten it to work.

RIght now I have a Premiere sequence with 33 different clips in it. I even rendered out "subclips" of the ones that were from 45min+ files so they would be smaller and behave.
Most of the clips are DVCProHD. There are a few that are 1920x1080 1.0 AR (and those don't seem to have an issue).

I duplicate the sequence, flatten it down to only 1 layer of video and get rid of audio. Export as XML and import into Resolve.
Everything seems to be fine, except it doesn't recognize the AR properly. Attached pics for reference


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