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Resolve lite 9.1.3 crash
Resolve lite 9.1.3 crash
by Julien Dietrich on May 21, 2013 at 9:30:41 am

Hi to everyone,

I just download and install Davinci Resolve Lite and I having problem with it.
The software just crash after login panel.
This happen after addind a new media location in the preferences panel.

Here is myconfig:

Windows 7 64bit
Asus m4a GTD pro usb3
AMD Phenom II X6 1090T
Gainward phantom GTX 680 4Gb with last nvidia driver and last cuda drivers
Intensity pro with desktop video 9.7.2
16 Go Ram ddr3

I have an SSD 60Go as local drive c:
where I install the os and all the working programmes like Avid MC, DS and the Adobe CS6 suite.
this disk got a 2Go page file
And I also have other Sata Hard disk Drive to store media (1To - 500Go)

All my hardware got there last driver update installed

Last Java and quicktime version are installed to

Firts thing I do after installing the software is creat a new disk data base on one of mine sata HDD
Seccond is set my account
Then enter the default project: there, the library folder is set to C:vol0
So I open the DaVinci Resolve preferences menu and on the Media Storage pannel
I add a folder locate on the sata HDD
Click Save quit Resolve and restart it.
Login to my account and resolve always crash on the project panel...

Here is the log generated by resolve if that can help...


I know it's better for comptability with Intel/Nvidia but I start from an older config with AMD/Ati.
And as the phenom X6 is quite capable, I saved money from bying new mother board and proc !
And read on forum that amd CPU and Nvidia GPU can work together so I go for the best Cuda card I can offer.
I also have an integrated Ati GPU on the mother board but it's say in the config guid that's not solution for GUI processing so I dont use it.

Thanks for your help

Re: Resolve lite 9.1.3 crash
by Julien Dietrich on May 21, 2013 at 8:09:22 pm


So I have a clue on what's happen thanks to Noel on this thread:

This appear to be cause by the intensity pro...
Just get fresh install of resolve and this time when add HDD on media panel I also disable the intensity pro in the Video I/O Hardware and all work properly !!

But that mean that i can't be able to monitoring grading...
Is there no walk around for this?

It's crazy that BMD device cause BMD software crash !!!

Re: Resolve lite 9.1.3 crash
by Julien Dietrich on May 25, 2013 at 7:20:05 am

I tried different solution :

So I can be more spécifique is the Preferences folder of Resolve and the config.dat file

if I edit the Local.gui.ENABLESDI parameter on line 67, passing it from 3 to 0 that make intensity still selected in the Video I/O Hardware panel but no images is sent to monitor.

Same resulte passing parameter from 3 to 1

passing from 3 to 2 make no crash on project panel but entering projet make resolve no respond

and stay in 3 make resolve crash after login

Please could somone help...

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