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fps / xml stuff
fps / xml stuff
by Sean Davison on Nov 11, 2012 at 12:32:06 am

So - I had a grade today - fcp xml. The editor had cut the film as 1080i 50 (shot at 25p XDCam)
After editing he Media managed it - copy mode. I too the converted media and imported it into REsolve as an xml from the media managed sequence.

Did grade and xml'd back - all clips playing slomo. Checked the Media pool and it turns out Resolve is reading all the media managed quicktimes as 50 fps rather than 25> strange i thought so opened the un media managed project and xml'd that into resolve - perfect - 25 fps all the way. Colortraced the grades of the other sequence and all OK. What could have happened at media manage stage for the files to show up as 50 fps - Confused

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