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Constant Prompt Companion
Constant Prompt Companion
by Dave Pickett on Oct 22, 2015 at 10:53:26 pm

I know the correct path is to probably read the manual but I'm going to ask my brethren out there about a prompt that pops up every time I launch Resolve on my Late 2013 Mac Pro.

I currently run 12.0.1 yet this prompt has been with me I believe since Resolve 11. My OS has been updated along the way as well with the most current El Capitan asking the same question that Snow Leopard did.

It states before allowing me to select my user:
Do you want the application "DaVinci Resolve.app" to accept incoming network connections?
Clicking Deny May limit the applications behavior.
This setting can be changed in the Firewall pane of the Security and Privacy preferences.
Allow or Deny.

I have diddled the Firewall pane of the Security and Privacy settings many times in an attempt to address this issue. Seems like a fairly straight forward setting to default to allow networking without having to allow or deny upon every launch.

Thanks in advance for any help. Its most likely a Mac issue yet this community has plenty of experience with those as well.


Dave Pickett
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Re: Constant Prompt Companion
by Marc Wielage on Oct 23, 2015 at 2:01:29 am

I just click OK and get on with life. I have yet to find a security setting that overrides this message, and I have to be careful since I have an MC Color panel that also has to communicate through the network settings -- so that's both Resolve and a panel that have to communicate to the OS and to each other. Not gonna risk breaking that connection.

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