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Exporting Alpha Channels for Resolve
Exporting Alpha Channels for Resolve
by Andreas Zerr on Nov 28, 2013 at 4:38:34 pm

Hi there,

We are doing a more or less complex scene with talents in the foregrounds (green screen) and backplanes. For a certain amount of shots it is necessary to pre-grade some foreground shots and get them back to AE. As I do not want to pre-grade the green of the background, I'm keying the shot in AE, send them with integrated alpha to Resolve (which works fine by the way), but cannot export it back to AE after grading by maintaining the alpha.

Is it possible to export shots with alpha from Resolve? I mean, there is an option to export ProRES 4444, but I did not find any button like "integrate alpha" oder "millions of colors +".

Thanks for your help.

Re: Exporting Alpha Channels for Resolve
by Juan Salvo on Nov 29, 2013 at 12:17:18 am

Resolve doesn't export alpha channels. And this workflow isn't optimal for a few different reasons. I would coordinate with your vfx artist to find ways to get them images that retains the ability for them to get a very clean key. Graded images can have/introduce keying issue.


Re: Exporting Alpha Channels for Resolve
by Andreas Zerr on Nov 29, 2013 at 5:00:50 pm

Hi Juan,

I am the VFX supervisor of this project, so there's nobody else but me to coordinate with ;-)

Anyhow, the guys from BMD directly said the same. The only work-around would be a keying matte from AE into Resolve and back.

I'm quite aware that grading previously to the VFXs is not the perfect way, but we've played around with different scenarios, and there is simply no other way than this. So we'll shot, edit, key, export with alpha and matte, pre-grade, export back to AE, do the final VFX and afterwards the final grading.

Thanks again, and all the best,

Hamburg, Germany

Re: Exporting Alpha Channels for Resolve
by Massimo Alberto Croce on Dec 4, 2013 at 8:16:23 pm

You can key the original and use as a track matte for the graded one.

Massimo Alberto Croce
Video Editor, Colorist, Pro Tools Editor

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