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Avid / Resolve - same decklink
Avid / Resolve - same decklink
by stig olsen on Mar 21, 2013 at 10:57:00 pm


I run a z820 with GTX690 for GPU, Q4000 for GUI, Red Rocket and Raid.
Both Avid, AE and Resolve run seamless and fast on the same machine (7 slots and performance rocks, MAC sucks!) and Avid has a "turn of monitor"-button that lets me work with both Avid and AE at the same time. They share the decklink.
I had to configure the driver text file in Avid to avoid confusion about the 690-card.

So, when Im happy with the configuration Im trying to figure out a way to not have to close AE and Avid before opening Resolve. I want Resolve to be open at the same as AE and Avid.
Someone know of any solution to make this work? Now I have to close both Avid and AE to be able to open Resolve. I can live with that, but If I could choose I would prefer not to.


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