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Crash - where are the gallery-pictures?
Crash - where are the gallery-pictures?
by Andreas Hylander on Oct 30, 2012 at 3:38:46 pm

Hi all,

Quick one: after a crash (no auto-save) I lost a few hours work. But I had saved Gallery-stills all the time, labeled them even. And we all know that Gallery stills actually also holds the correction.

However, after booting Resolve back up, there are no Gallery images to be had. In the hidden folder I find loads of DPX-files, and indeed all of my recently-saved-ones.

So I think, let's import those and we're good. I import them, but they only come in as stills. No settings/correction to be had.

So, we arrive at the question: can I re-import my Gallery stills with the settings intact? Is there any other way to get them back? Or are the settings locked to the project - and hence will not "land" on the disk until a save is done?

Thanks in advance,



Re: Crash - where are the gallery-pictures?
by Barrie Williams on Oct 30, 2012 at 5:52:41 pm

HI Andreas,

I can not help you with this, but it does flag up what may be the number one weakness in Resolve.

RESOLVE has NO true " Auto Save ", which is quite shocking in the 9th version of a software.

It has an ODD non-standard save function, with the WRONG (AutoSave) name on it.

We really need a REAL auto save, which works in the traditional way. Where if a version becomes bad/corrupt/deleted we can drop back one, two, three or more versions easily.

It is misleading to put the term "autoSave" in the advertising, when you actually need to keep accumulation, renaming and saving projects manually to have a true safety.

But users only find this reality out AFTER a disaster.


Re: Crash - where are the gallery-pictures?
by Andreas Hylander on Oct 30, 2012 at 7:11:58 pm

Hi Barrie,

Long time!
Also, you're quite right. It is surprising that we cannot have small incremental saves, a "Save As..."-function, etc. Everything has to be this round-about way, and saving ("AutoSave") is indeed one of those quirks.
Currently I am running a 2 x 50min episode project in Resolve. HD, on the fastest Mac imaginable. Shouldn't be a problem, I thought. Takes over 1.5 minutes to save. Goes without saying that I cannot have that running every ten minutes when I have a client sitting next to me (especially since it starts to save right in the middle of naming a node, picking a key, etc).

Anyway, my problem remains (and so does a rather surprised client)




Re: Crash - where are the gallery-pictures?
by prathvish hegde on Oct 31, 2012 at 7:13:57 am

hi Andreas,

resolve many not have many features but still you can get back your grade :)
if you had saved your stills just click import on the still page and in the import window go to the location you saved your stills and inthe file tipes you want to import select .drx and select all the drx files and import you will get back stills with grades.

hope it helps

prathvish hegde
(DaVinci Resolve and 2Kplus)


Re: Crash - where are the gallery-pictures?
by Andreas Hylander on Oct 31, 2012 at 3:53:40 pm

Hi Prathvish,

Thank you for your answer. However, when I said that I saved them I only meant that I did "Grab Still". This puts the DPX in the hidden Gallery-folder, but the drx is not to be found in that folder.

If I had, instead, exported the stills from the Gallery Tab, then your approach would work perfectly.

What I was hopeing for, was to find the location of the DRX-files when you only do a quick "Grab Still" from the panel. But it seems that such a file is never saved, and the Grade assosiated with the Still only resides in RAM memory unfortunately. Or some other hidden file with another extension.




Re: Crash - where are the gallery-pictures?
by John Tissavary on Oct 31, 2012 at 4:32:35 pm

Your point is well made - but auto-save can work if you pipe it to a different location. That said, saves in general take way too long.

I have a project right now that is duplicated in Scratch & Resolve (same number of source media, edits, etc...), with grading in Resolve and comps/ paint in Scratch - all on the same workstation. Takes nearly a minute to save in Resolve, 5 seconds or less in Scratch, both are writing to an SQL variant database on a local (internal) drive.


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