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Is it too early yet to discuss "Endgame"?
Is it too early yet to discuss "Endgame"?
by Mark Suszko on May 6, 2019 at 9:38:41 pm

My 2-word review:

"Bittersweet satisfaction."

Re: Is it too early yet to discuss "Endgame"? spoilers now-if you haven't watched it by now you don't care, lol
by Chris Wright on Jun 10, 2019 at 1:13:33 am

Still too early. well, that joke wore out fast. I did have to avoid social media for 2 weeks; felt more like detox. but anyway, the movie was good but could have been better. I personally would have liked them trying to find Thanos for an hour instead of a time heist(which was fun, but not as cathartic since the 'real' thanos didn't allow me to release my cathartic avengefullness on him.

At least now we have replacements for all the superheroes(which I shall name as the second stringers b-team. Everything felt kind of out of order. thanos dies, people get brought back. wrong thanos dies non-cathartically. A revised story would have been so much more powerful, I think the theatre would have shook from raw awe of cathartism. It's ok, Hollywood, you don't HAVE to usurp my expectations just to be hip. I wouldn't mind a full hour of them fighting thanos instead of a measily 17 minutes.

Who will be the new badguy now that 'spiderman far from home' discovers the multiverse. How many thanos's are they going to pull into our multiverse? Not like the time travel vials haven't spilled the time continuum wide open. After all, no ones ever really gone.

Re: Is it too early yet to discuss "Endgame"? spoilers now-if you haven't watched it by now you don't care, lol
by Mark Suszko on Jun 10, 2019 at 3:20:29 am

IMO it was important from a moral and story-building point of view to show that for the good guys, simple revenge just never tastes sweet. Any victory won that way is hollow at best, and corruptive at worst. You want the little kids to take a positive lesson with this and internalize it. So they got that out of the way and gave you what you *thought* you wanted right up front with beheading the Prime Thanos.

The Time Heist also helps keep this movie from only being another high powered slug fest. You may *think* that would be fun but really it would have gotten old fast. It was fun and inventive - who doesn't like a heist? - And it gives something for Ant-Man to do that is worthy.

Ruffalo really knocked it out of the park as the half-Hulk/half-Banner hybrid. Funny as hell because it's under-played just enough.

And Steve Rogers finally solves the world's worst ever , longest-running case of blueball;, there's your REAL catharsis.

The bittersweet of course is losing Black Widow and Tony Stark. So fitting it began and ended with Tony, and I loved how he almost said he was God, but decided it was cooler and more true to say who he really was. His little meeting with Howard Stark reflected a moment I think most men would long for - the chance to go back and tell Dad all the things you should have, but have only lately learned with the passage of time and gaining of wisdom. But if you know anything about Marvel Comics, Iron Man and Tony Stark, do not bet on a real death, lol. Though there are numerous options for another to take on the mantle, as there were in the comics. That clanking sound over the end credits is exactly identical to the sound of Tony forging the original Mark-1 armor. That has to mean a replacement is being forged.

Re: Is it too early yet to discuss "Endgame"? spoilers now-if you haven't watched it by now you don't care, lol
by Scott Roberts on Jun 11, 2019 at 2:18:35 pm

Unfortunately for me, I didn't really feel any emotions during Endgame. I heard about people crying during the end, and I don't know, that didn't happen at all for me. The only two MCU that have ever made me feel actual almost-tears-in-eyes emotions were the two Guardians of the Galaxy movies.

Infinity War had me feeling a way bigger feeling of "whoa..." than anything in Endgame did. The final HUGE battle in Endgame (that the audience clapped way too much during) was very reminiscent of the final battle in Ready Player One. Let's throw all our toys in a big, (mostly) consequence-free pile and watch them smash into each other...! ...Yay?

Don't get me wrong, I liked it mostly in the moment, but it didn't really leave a huge impactful feeling in my brain after I saw it, like other MCU movies have. Maybe I just need to watch it again when it comes out on VOD?

Long story short: In my opinion, Infinity War > Endgame.