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Can't Find Corrupted Font (on mac)
Can't Find Corrupted Font (on mac)
by Caitlin Stevenson on Dec 27, 2016 at 2:54:44 pm

Illustrator has been giving me trouble lately (CC 2015) and I've gotten it to boot in safe mode, and at this point the problem seems to be a corrupted font. This is the prompt I get whenever I start it:


Unfortunately, I can't find this font under fontbook, as I believe fontbook only uses the English alphabet. So my question is what font is this, and/or where can I go to find out what font it is so I can delete or deactivate it? I'm on a mac here at work, and I'm not familiar enough with macs to know how to find where fonts are located beyond fontbook. Thank you!

Re: Can't Find Corrupted Font (on mac)
by Vincent Rosati on Dec 27, 2016 at 6:57:46 pm

What is the actual problem, though?

Here are the live characters:
ヒラギノ丸コ - Hiragino Maruko

I redrew the text in a Photoshop TIF, in a large size, opened the TIF in Acrobat, the applied OCR. I could then copy the Japanese text characters out of the PDF file, and finally place the Japanese characters into Google Translate ☺

I've always used FontDoctor to handle font issues.


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