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Help with pasting Hebrew text in illustrator/photoshop
Help with pasting Hebrew text in illustrator/photoshop
by nina rosenblatt on Sep 23, 2008 at 5:47:34 pm


This is my first time posting, Thank you for any advice you might have.

I'm trained as a textile designer and my skills are decent, but I have no experience with text in Illustrator and Photoshop. I;m using creative suite CS3 on a Mac.

I am working on a freelance project that involves doing a hebrew text. I can't figure out how to do Hebrew within the programs so I am cutting and pasting the text from a Word document.

when I paste into Illustrator it converts the text into paths, which is fine but the edges of the letters are jagged. the same follows when I place the paths as smart objects, or rasterize them first (300 ppi, optomized for text) into Photoshop.

does anyone have a better solution for this problem or filters I can run to make the letters look smooth?

thanks for reading,


Re: Help with pasting Hebrew text in illustrator/photoshop
by Del Holford on Sep 24, 2008 at 2:54:51 pm

You need to use a TrueType or Type 1 font in PS or AI and recreate the text. You can use Fontbook to add the hebrew font to your system (the same font you're using in Word) and then use it to create text in the software. (You'll have to restart your software after adding the font to your system.) This allows you much more flexibility in moving text around and uses the digital vector typeface so you don't get jaggies. You can upsize or downsize and the text retains its quality. The T in your toolbox is text. HTH

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Re: Help with pasting Hebrew text in illustrator/photoshop
by nina rosenblatt on Sep 24, 2008 at 5:13:23 pm

hi thanks for your help.

I have hebrew fonts in my font book that are enabled, however they will not work in illustrator. i've googled this quite a bit without a satisfactory answer.

as much as I would prefer to be able to work with the text in the program for exactly the reasons you mentioned..i don't know if its possible and i would rather not spend 30 dollars on a font just to see if it will work. i've tried free fonts with no luck, despite being true type, the font book won't recognize them.

so I guess the question is, if the text pastes as compound paths or what have you and they are then expanded, why wouldn't they behave and look smooth like other paths?


hebrew text in photoshop and illustrator cs4
by Moshe Nissan on Jan 15, 2010 at 9:53:47 am


i having problems with my photoshop and illustrator for some reason the direction of the text is imposible to do it form right to left... please help mee.

and sometimes i do it and when i push enter or spacebar it get reflected.

tahnk you some much.


Re: hebrew text in photoshop and illustrator cs4
by Rachel Eson on Sep 28, 2011 at 10:09:43 pm

I am having the same problem with my hebrew text. I received a document as a MS word doc that I opened with my Mac word. When I try to copy/paste or import the text it gets turned around completely like a reflection of itself. It is so frustrating.

I am supposed to design this postcard for the part of our company that is in Israel, and need it very soon. If anyone knows how to solve this pleas get back to me.

Re: Re:Pasting Hebrew text in illustrator/photoshop
by Jerry Gulbranson on Mar 14, 2011 at 1:37:40 am

Hey Nina,
I've been having same problem. Only My Adole Illustrator is Version 8, really old. Anyway, found a font that would work. It's at It's called BSTHebrew. I downloaded it and then pasted it into c:\windows\fonts. Also, Went into the Control Panel,Date,Time, Language & Regional options, then Regional and Language Options, Went to Languages, Details, and added the Hebrew font. Once I get my Illustrator up and running, it's found in the Type, Font section. Or at least it should be. Anything that you have in c:\windows\fonts should pull up in adobe illustrator. I've got Windows XP and have been trying for two weeks to get this thing working. Still can't read Hebrew, but at least the font comes up. Good Luck.