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Transparent "Render As" menu screen
Transparent "Render As" menu screen
by Richard Angle on Mar 18, 2012 at 2:57:21 pm

Hi all. I am attempting to move from a MAC FCP to a PC based editing system so I am currently trying out the Sony Vegas 11 free trial just to see how it goes. I have cut two test projects. The first project worked fine along all steps from import to cutting to export. However, when attempting to export my second project upon completion, the "Render As" menu screen is transparent when opening. The borders of the menu screen are there only and I am unable to see any of the export settings. All other windows such as Save As, Import, Real-Time Render etc... open up as expected. It seems like a PC hardware issue but it is strange that it is only happenning with the Render As menu in Vegas. Have any of you experienced anything like this? I have been all over the web, but can't seem to find the first bit of info on what could be the issue. Any help is greatly appreciated as I am afraid to start on a new project with the fear of not being able to export when completed. Thanks everybody!

Sony Vegas free trial and HP Pavillion Slimline hooked hooked-up to Samsung LCD via HDMI

Richard Angle

Re: Transparent "Render As" menu screen
by Kevin McCarthy on Mar 18, 2012 at 11:51:09 pm

I had a similar problem that drove me, everyone on this board, Sony and my computer manufacturer crazy for a week or so.

It turned out to be a corrupted font file.

I had installed an older version of Microsoft Office after installing Vegas Pro and that started the problem.

Did you install any other programs after you installed Vegas Pro? Perhaps a word program or something that has it's on font files?

I also found that as I used other programs this same problem became noticable on them as well.

If that is the problem you may have to do a "restore" to your computer which means you may have to re-install all your programs. I'm sure that is not what you want to hear, but it solved my problem

Good Luck!

Re: Transparent "Render As" menu screen
by Richard Angle on Mar 19, 2012 at 5:15:20 am

I forced a Windows 7 update that seemed to trigger a driver update or something for my ATI video card and Catalyst software. The update finished, my screen flickered black and stretched out the image sideways. I restarted and the ATI Catalyst software was updated and completely different than before. Opened up Vegas and the Render As screen was back to normal. So I'm back to cutting now. Thanks...