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Why you like Vegas pro
Why you like Vegas pro
by Kenneth Maultsby on Aug 15, 2019 at 10:05:57 pm

Hello Vegas pro users. I see that there is a new Vegas pro 17 which looks interesting. I have been testing different NLE'S Avid, Adobe, DiVinci Resolve, Vegas pro 14 awhile back, all PC versions. I have the following question the all the Vegas users.

1. Why do you like Vegas?
2. Have any of you try DiVinci Resolve or other software and if so and why are still using Vegas? Did you find that you were editing faster in Vegas?
3.Were any issues with format? Most my videos are Mpeg4 from my Canon GX10
4. For 4K editing do you like the workflow.

Thanks in advance.

Re: Why you like Vegas pro
by Dimitrios Papadimitriou on Aug 16, 2019 at 4:38:25 am

1. The timeline is so very good and easy to use.
2. I've tried Davinci or at least the free version, it's good, it's amazing for being free. I've tried Hitfilm which I use regularly but as a compositor. Using it for editing has gotten better over the years but even when I try to give the editor function another chance I struggle and get frustrated even for small projects. I've also used Camtasia which in terms of timeline functionality and ease of use might be my second favorite but I don't think it's quite on the professional spectrum and makes no claim to be, also used windows movie maker. Editing has always felt faster and better in vegas.
3. I've had issues with .mov files. Some work just fine other crash the second I hover over them. I feel like it's better than it use it. Also have problems with some .mts? or whatever it is files, again sometimes they are perfect other times they make vegas explode, in these cases I convert them.
4. I don't have a great computer for 4k editing though I can and have done it but it really eats up the ram with only 16gig you probably would be better with 32+. So if I'm editing 4K I create proxy files which is something vegas can do then I can edit no problem, rendering will still take a while though.

Re: Why you like Vegas pro
by Kenneth Maultsby on Aug 16, 2019 at 7:49:24 am

Thanks Dimitrios, What version are you using?

Re: Why you like Vegas pro
by Dimitrios Papadimitriou on Aug 16, 2019 at 2:05:11 pm

I've used Platinum 8/9/10 and Pro 12/16 of the VEGAS family

Re: Why you like Vegas pro
by Kenneth Maultsby on Aug 16, 2019 at 8:01:49 pm

Would like to here from others.

Re: Why you like Vegas pro
by Jeff Lee on Aug 17, 2019 at 3:14:29 pm

The work flow is intuitive and Magix is putting a lot of resources in getting VP to be a front line program again since Sony let it become so dated.

Quick and easy but very powerful. 17 only has one problem that I know and that is the Screen Capture has some issues. The new color correction tool is very good and is the stabilization. Vegas is very friendly to VSTi and is near DAW like in its sound tools.

The ability to proxy and now have various types of nesting is very critical to the way I work. and to be honest after developing "muscle memory" I am not about to change though I did try Resolve and Premier - for me Vegas is a better "one man band" tool. HEVC is now supported for encode and decode with AMD GPU's still being worked on but Intel and Nevida (sp?) are rocking it.

I say this to anyone think about changing NLE's or just getting started. Down load the trials, take a project you have done in the past and redo it in each one. One you learn a NLE and need a production tool changing horses can be a very hard thing to do.